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Jewish writer warns of GMO/biotech holocaust


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(NaturalNews) How does one voluntarily commit suicide without realizing it? The result of a slow, painful death is no different from a sudden unexpected death -- the end of mortality. For starters, I am Jewish, so don't take this the wrong way, but eating cancer-causing food designed by Nazi scientists is suicide, and it's like walking into the gas chambers slowly, over time, getting dosed over and over again with "mustard-gas-food." Pesticides infect most conventional foods in the USA today, and it's all thanks to the same I.G. Farben Nazis from the second World War. Today's food holocaust includes all the same ingredients, including fluoride in the water, that was given to Jews in the concentration camps to keep them weak so they wouldn't fight back or think deep about their short future. They worked in factories making war materials and they were sick to death, literally, from the chemicals they were fed. Scientists in labs in Auschwitz ran insane experiments on humans as if they were lab rats, just the way chemotherapy and surgery are applied today to fix a blood disease known as cancer. We might as well be "bleeding humans out" like the old days. It's just NOT working. In 10 years, 6 million or more Americans will die of cancer and/or chemotherapy treatment overdose, and that's the same number of Jews who died in the Holocaust from being poisoned and murdered in the name of science, power and money. Sound familiar?

Biotech, Big Agriculture and toxic pharmaceuticals - a well-orchestrated blend of death and destruction

Gabriel Donohoe of wrote:

After World War Two, scores of suspected Nazi war criminals were prosecuted by the Allies in the Palace of Justice in the city of Nuremberg, the birth-place of the Nazi Party. The defendants were drawn not just from the military, but also from medical, judicial, administrative, industrial, and other sectors of the German war machine.

Among the industrial prisoners charged with crimes against humanity were 24 managers of IG Farben, an organization without whom, according to U.S. Chief Prosecutor Telford Taylor, the Second World War would not have been possible.

In 1925, IG Farben, Interessengemeinschaft Farben, (Association of Common Interests), became a powerful cartel of German chemical and pharmaceutical companies such as Bayer (the aspirin manufacturer), BASF, AGFA, and Hoechst (now known as Aventis.) By 1933, the IG Farben group had become the largest chemical and pharmaceutical corporation in the world. And even today, although it doesn't use the name IG Farben, its companies remain the most powerful transnationals on the planet in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and agro-chemicals.

Organochlorine pesticides and toxic chlorinated tap water:

Are you underrating massive health detriment right now? Consider these facts:

Bioaccumulative means that these chlorine by-products keep going through the food chain time after time. The individual living carrier species die, but the chemicals persist unchanged, decade after decade. The result is that the levels of PCBs and dioxins found in meat and fish can today be millions of times greater than the amounts found in nature.

Slow breakdown of PVC plumbing, year after year, is one big stand-alone reason why it's bad to drink tap water, irrespective of the quality of the water itself. ...

Bleaching paper is another big market for chlorine. ...

Chlorine is the most popular method of bleaching. Problem is, 300 different organochlorines are the result. Guess how much of them gets dumped into lakes, rivers, and oceans of the world each year. Go ahead, guess. 4 million tons! ...

Once in the body, organochlorines are protectively encapsulated in fat cells -- the site most conducive to long-term storage and accumulation.

Now understand this: Three pounds of friendly bacteria are supposed to populate our colon to facilitate the final stage of digestion and vitamin synthesis. Chlorine, just like antibiotics, knocks out all the bacteria -- good and bad! This means your probiotics are destroyed and the whole digestive system is forced to operate in survival mode. Three out of every four American cities chlorinates the drinking water. It's pure evil politics.

WWIII: There is a war going on today for chemical-free food and water

The concept of organic food for disease prevention and healing has been suppressed. Many alternative doctors have been persecuted and even assassinated for using and defending it. Hundreds of known disease causes and cures still are buried under the rug, kept out of the mainstream media, out of medical journals and out of the mouths of the doctors who sell you on their latest prescription drug so they can get front row seats to the ball game. Chronic diseases we know so well today could be cured with simple, inexpensive natural therapies. Dr. Herbert Ley, the former United States FDA Commissioner, has been quoted: "What the FDA is doing and what the public thinks it's doing are as different as night and day."

Don't be a knowing volunteer for experimental treatment (surgery/chemo/radiation). Don't "board the train" to the food holocaust known as GMO. If you're on that train now... jump off immediately! You can live in the organic world and there are no "consequences" to suffer, nor any swastikas to which you must bow down. Live your healthy life with respect for your body. Live free!













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