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In this NaturalNews report, you'll learn startling details that are 100% true, yet never mentioned in the mainstream media or by health authorities. Discover things like:

  • How the modern cancer industry is actually a medical cabal of criminal government, corporate and non-profit groups that have all agreed to suppress cancer cures and make sure cancer keeps worsening.
  • How modern chemotherapy chemicals are derived from the chemical weapon known as "mustard gas" used throughout World Wars I and II.
  • Why 75% of physicians refuse to undergo chemotherapy (but they recommend it to their own patients).
  • Fact: Modern-day blood-thinning drugs are made from a combination of rat poison and pig intestines.
  • Fact: The former chairman of Bayer was found guilty of Nazi war crimes during the Nuremberg trials.
  • FDA-admitted fact: How prescription drugs kill one million Americans every decade.
  • How the 1910 "Flexner Report" initiated a century of suppression of natural cures (and endless profits for organized medicine).
  • Fact: Most diseases can be prevented or cured with minerals, but the medical establishment has criminalized any such claims.
  • The truth about a prominent psychiatric doctor who would remove patients' teeth and other organs in order to "cure" them of mental disorders. He claims an 85 percent cure rate.
  • Fact: If you're eating non-organic food, you're probably eating Zyklon B, the chemical used by Hitler to gas Jews to death.
  • Fact: Water fluoridation chemicals have never been approved by the FDA. They remain a global medical "experiment."
  • A hundred years ago, only 1 in 100,000 Americans had diabetes and heart attacks were a rarity. Pediatric cancer was almost non-existent. What changed?
  • The real truth about the FDA's suppression of a known cancer cure.
  • How LIFE Magazine promoted sugar as a weight-loss aid, and JAMA promoted cigarettes as a way to increase your brain function.
  • How a long-time editor of the Journal of the American Medical Association was actually a quack and a fraudster. He also ran the AMA.
  • The truth about modern-day vaccines and where they really come from: Nazi medical experiments.
  • How the USDA sold out to corporate food interests while abandoning the nutritional needs of the American people.

... and many other facts that will open your eyes and blow your mind. All 25 facts are verified as true and backed up with sources and citations. This isn't fiction! It's hard-core truth about the food industry and why you need to know what you're really eating.

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Chemotherapy drugs are derived from mustard gas chemicals
The 40 year long "Voice of American Medicine" was a quack himself!
Since 1960, blood thinners contain toxic chemicals made from rat poison and pig intestines

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