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Holocaust deniers

Gun grabbers are Holocaust deniers, claiming Hitler never engaged in gun confiscation

Sunday, March 03, 2013 by: J. D. Heyes
Tags: Holocaust deniers, gun control, revisionist history

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(NaturalNews) History revisionists and Holocaust deniers seem to be gaining ground in recent months as the Obama administration pushes for new gun control measures, thanks in large part to a burgeoning propaganda machine fed by a growing number of useful idiots.

Hitler had Joseph Goebbels; today's modern deniers and propagandists have the Internet, and this incredible power to deceive is being employed by agents seeking to "fundamentally change" the country, to borrow a campaign phrase from the president himself.

In particular, the anti-gunners "have had tremendous success garnering support by using false statements and outright propaganda, so they have intensified their use of this despicable and nasty tool," says a poster calling himself "Fight4Freedom" at the SurvivalistBoards.com blog site.

"The trend is to attack history and feed the sheeple with supposed 'facts' debunking some of histories most notorious precursors to genocide," he writes.

Propagandizing the 'Net for the purposes of pushing a gun control agenda'

In particular, he says a Google search of the terms "Hitler Gun Control" produce so-called "research studies" claiming that "either these atrocities never really occurred (such as the Jewish Genocide) or that the facts are wrong," Fight4Freedom says.

"No matter what, the idea is to use FALSE statements and FALSE information to continue to gain momentum in calling for disarming of the American People," he wrote. "The most fundamental question is why should what happened in Nazi Germany have any bearing on calling for Gun Control in the U.S.? They are not related. It is merely a propaganda tool. Our God given right to self-defense, backed by the U.S. Constitution is all that matters."

A Natural News search of Google using the "Hitler Gun Control" combination turned up some interesting results.

-- The top article was a piece posted at Policymic.com which essentially argued that modern-day comparisons to Hitler's gun control policies actually favor positions held by today's gun rights advocates (even though his 1938 policy did, by the writer's admission, "read almost like the Feinstein bill does today"):

Hitler did have a gun control policy, an extension of the 1919 regulation. Funny enough, it sounds a lot like the boiler plate gun control legislation that is on the books across the United States - and, even funnier enough, the Hitler gun control policy sounds like something any American would generally support ... but even more so is what pro-gun advocates are pushing for: deregulation.

That's right: Hitler and pro-gun advocates want the same thing.

-- The second listing, from a hate/supremacist group, said this: "Unfortunately for those who would like to link Hitler and the National Socialists with gun control, the entire premise for such an effort is false."

-- Subsequent sites blamed the Weimar Republic government for implementing strict gun control measures, but most fail to a) note that the Weimar was forced to do so by the victorious Allies to keep Germany as a whole, unarmed and demilitarized after World War I; and b) that Hitler did indeed implement measures even more strict than those imposed by the Allies shortly before he invaded Poland.

-- A piece in the Huffington Post quoted Deborah Lauter, the civil rights director of the Anti-Defamation League, as saying that group deplores the Nazi-American gun rights comparison, and that guns in the hands of Jews "would have stopped the totalitarian power of the Nazi state."

-- Salon.com spent no small amount of virtual ink citing all kinds of scholars, experts and academics to say basically the same thing: That Hitler's gun control measures were minimal, at best, and that anyway, even armed Jews could not have fought back against mass extermination.

"Hitler" + "gun control" = Tyranny

Such flippant revisionist history ignores the crux of the modern-day pro-gun argument against further government regulation, "Hitler style" or any style. And that's the point. In Hitler's authoritarian Nazi Germany, the government made the decision about gun ownership, whereas the U.S. Constitution recognizes it as a human "right to keep and bear arms," for defense of self, home and country.

Furthermore, the very phrase gun control is one used only by tyrants and statists, for it seeks to curb or control what our founders understood and recognized as a natural right not subject to the "approval" of those in power.

Finally, any way you look at it, Jews in Hitler's Germany during World War II were not afforded this right and in the end, six million of them died. Hitler raised vast armies during his tenure but millions of armed Jews would have been a much more formidable foe, meaning far fewer of them would have died, unarmed, at the hands of this butcher.

Hitler was a tyrant by any measure, so references to "Hitler" and "gun control" in this context are entirely appropriate because tyrants like their subjects to be unarmed - semantics, revisionist history and cute phraseology aside.

Only a propagandist on the scale of Hitler's Goebbels would say otherwise.




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