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Health basics

Health Basics: Is there any food in our food?

Friday, December 06, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: health basics, organic food, nutrients

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(NaturalNews) What if you thought your salads were giving you lots of nutrients, and your fruit was rewarding your body with vitamins, and you drank lots of water all the time? Wouldn't you assume that you are fairly healthy? You could be eating dead food that sounds healthy and heading for a health nightmare you can't even see coming, because some of the worst disorders and diseases don't "show up" until it's late in the game, and you are "way behind." You could get a head start on the whole thing, if you just knew more about dead food, dead soil and genetically modified organisms. You could turn the tables and stay "out in front" of this genetically mutated food "war" - and you could stop eating food that isn't really food and doesn't contain any nutritional value whatsoever. Let's break it down into bare basics, because it's not that complicated after all:

1. Dead Soil: Dead soil is earth that has been drained of nutrients, thanks to an onslaught of pesticides, insecticides, herbicides and fungicides over time. The synthetic, lab-concocted toxins that the Biotech Industry is dishing out are extreme and are killing the soil, literally, all across the USA. If there are no nutrients in the soil, there are none in the food, and that is a scientific fact.

2. GMO: Genetically modified organisms are exactly that - gene altered. It says not to do it in the Bible, and any sane person's brain tells them that it's a really bad idea, but the highly profitable "Mafia" food industry makes it sound useful and "beneficial" and convinces the masses that it's necessary for the future of food. These concepts couldn't be further from the truth. People are consuming the genes of insects, foreign bacteria and viruses mixed with bacteria that kill good bacteria in your intestines. High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is PESTICIDE SYRUP. Some research says you could actually be "creating" pesticide in your gut, because you have the chemical composition to do so if you consume GMO. Think long and hard about that.

3. Cooked Food: Even if there are any nutrients left at all in conventional food that comes from "dead soil" and has been mixed with genes of other living things and packaged with preservatives and additives and frozen, canned, jarred or the like, even if there is any nutritional value left, it usually gets baked, fried, broiled, grilled or toasted, and that ends that. Most cooked food is dead food once it is heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit, although there are some exceptions, like broccoli. Steaming, flash freezing or dehydrating food properly can retain valuable nutrients.

From the lab to the table

How to fix the problem? You can fix the problem by knowing what you are choosing before you ever even set foot in another store. People think it's overwhelming, but they just need to filter their information and siphon out all the myths at once. That's what the history of "hidden" medicine can do, and then you're ready for organic, because you have to be ready mentally, emotionally and spiritually to change over completely, or you may fall back to processed "staple" diets and "all natural." You have to know the history of how things got to be the way they are in America, regarding toxic medicine and the toxic food. There was a pattern. Learn it, then you can move forward with confidence and conviction.

After the true history of hidden medicine, food and politics, then you learn which companies used to be organic and used to have ethics but have "sold out" to the big corporations known as "Big Food" or "Biotech." When they say it's "not about the money," it's always about the money. Big Food is a conglomeration of processed foods, even those posing as healthy. Biotech is just a fancy word for lab food and food containing pesticide, herbicide, fungicide or insecticide. Finally, you know which organic is really organic and can filter out the kind that contains heavy metals or is imported from China.

Welcome to the basement of basics, where food actually contains food, and nutrition means you won't have to get vaccines, flu shots or synthetic head and chest "medicine" for those colds, because you will have natural immunity! Welcome to the world of real food, called organic food, and welcome to your healthy life. Turn your "table" around right now.

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