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Cannot See the Forest through the GMO Trees (Opinion)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010 by: Paul Fassa
Tags: GMOs, foods, health news

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(NewsTarget) "What'll they think of next?" That was a common awestruck question regarding scientific and technological achievements during the 1950s and '60s. It was a naive era, which was the beginning of our being poisoned by science through food and medicine. Now it should be a horrified "what's next"? Man's scientific assault on nature has added even more peril by adding trees to the list of GMOs.

As attorney/activist Andrew Kimbrell commented in the documentary "Unnatural Selection", these genetic changes in food crops, fish, animals, and trees are not recallable. Once they're out, that's it for good. And they do endanger non-GMO life forms through contamination or reproduction.

Calling Dr. Frankenstein!

The Greatest Threat to Forests Since the Chain Saw

That's the phrase used in the documentary "Silent Forest", and it refers to the ongoing field testing of GM trees for monoculture (cultivating only one type) industrial tree plantations. As the antithesis of nature's natural biodiversity, even non-GMO monoculture crops and tree plantations endanger future generations while ruining the soil.

Combining monoculture seeding with GMO seeds really pushes all of life toward extinction.

Monoculture GMO tree plantations exist today in field trails all over the world, and many of them are near diverse wild tree regions. Millions of hectares throughout the world are planned for genetically engineered (GE) trees on industrial monoculture plantations. A hectare is 2.5 acres, so multiply the millions by 2.5 to get the acreage.

It seems that a component of trees' wood, lignin, is a bit of a bother when it comes to making paper from wood. So the lignin is genetically reduced. But lignin is what gives trees the flexible strength to withstand high winds and insects. These GE trees are going to be weaker.

Meanwhile the durable, easy to grow recyclable cash crop called hemp, which can be used to make paper, is still banned almost everywhere.

GMO trees are also genetically designed to create their own pesticide. So if you eat fruits or nuts from one of those trees, you will have your own pesticides mingling in your gut and messing with those friendly bacteria permanently.

Not to worry, they are genetically engineered to not flower or bear nuts or fruits to ensure against contamination of non-GMO plants and trees. In other words, they're sterile.

But Rod Harbinson, a GEFF (GE Free Forest) spokesperson said in 1999,"The science is moving so fast they are not considering the effect on the environment. (...) There has already been a case with GM aspens in Germany flowering [enabling pollination of other trees] when they were supposed not to be able to. We are alarmed that these trees will pollute the environment." (emphasis added)

Well what about GE trees ability to resist herbicides? It seems some weeds have figured GE implanted herbicides out enough to survive and say "bring it on, baby"! Antibiotics breed super bugs while killer herbicides breed super weeds which demand more spraying.


Deforestation for other farming and industrial purposes has already taken a huge toll on that section of our environment, which converts CO2 to oxygen world wide. Creating monoculture plantations is a bad solution made worse with GMO seeding.

Try to learn more and figure out a way to help resist this madness at any level within your reach. The arrogant zeal of mechanistic scientists who think they know better than creation's consciousness, aka nature, is harnessed by industrial corporations' sociopathic greed and lust for power over all life. It needs to stop.

And you can learn more through these sources:

Free On Line Documentary "Unnatural Selection" (includes a preview of "Silent Forest")

Genetically Modified Trees: The Ultimate Threat to Forests (has access to free 100 page pdf with of anti GMO forest orgs) http://www.wrm.org.uy/subjects/GMTrees/text....

Deliberate Release of GMO Trees - An Abundance of Poplars

About the author

Paul Fassa is dedicated to warning others about the current corruption of food and medicine and guiding others toward a direction for better health with no restrictions on health freedom. You can visit his blog at http://healthmaven.blogspot.com

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