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Reversing Heart Disease: A Vital New Program to Help Prevent, Treat, and Eliminate Cardiac Problems Without Surgery

by Julian M. Whitaker, published by Warner Books (2002-03-01)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $15.95
Amazon rating of 3.5 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 92562

Editor's Review:

Here is an update of the complete guide to cardiac carepacked with new ways to conquer heart disease without drugs or bypass surgery! Hundreds of thousands of heart patients have used Dr. Julian Whitakers best-selling Reversing Heart Disease to successfully deal with cardiac problems naturally. Now, drawing on nearly 20 years of experience at his Whitaker Wellness Institute, Dr. Whitaker examines modern medicines latest diagnostic techniques, treatments, and drugsand offers the newest improvements to his comprehensive cardiac program.

Reader Reviews:

It's just that simple. There is NO credible clinical evidence that chelation therapists do anything for patients except lighten their bank accounts. If any chelation therapist wants to sue me for writing this, BRING IT ON!

How can you really know whether coronary heart disease is truly being reversed? Does just surviving until your next birthday suffice? Does not developing symptoms tell you anything? Does even losing 10 lbs really tell you whether coronary plaque has shrunk?

The answer to all these questions, of course, is no. In past, it hasn't been an easy prospect to prove that heart disease is reversed. It's therefore an easy thing to claim. As a result, many programs cropped up in the last 30 years of the last century that made extravagant claims to reverse heart disease. I believe that Dr. Whitaker's well-intended book is among this genre.

The book has its strong points. Dr. Whitaker does a great job of pointing out the terribly misguided approach of conventional invasive cardiology and bypass surgery, its tragic overuse and abuse, and how so-called medical therapy is nothing more than palliative treatment for a relently progressive disease. He also does a good job of discrediting the conventional low-fat diet approach to heart disease prevention, a diet that frequently precedes your heart attack and diabetes.

I do believe, however, that there's much more of the story yet to be told and Dr. Whitaker's book falls short. I bought this book after my husband had his first heart attack and decided not to get depressed but to fight the condition or reverse it as much as possible. For some odd readon, my husband did not read this book, I did. It is well written and explains how heardening of the arteries and Heart Diseast can be Reversed and you will Never find this out from your "Trusted Cardiologist" as I asked him after I read the book and he did not think it could be done. This book contains a lot of information about your body, nutritional suppliments, dietary habits that will taks work to change, exercise - just have to do it or die, just incorporatinv a different lifestyle. I have started to incorporate this lifestyle myself and am incouraging my husband to also do it. I go shopping with him now and mostly put frest fruit and vegetables in the cart. We eat long cooking oatmeal for breakfast. My husband did not think this tasted very good, so I got a recipie with cherries as a bottom layer, then non-fat yogurt, then the oatmeal sprinkelet with cinnamon. He likes this better. Dr. Whitaker's book explains a whole new lifestyle to incorporate in order to Reverse Heart Disease. I already feel better on this life style and can walk farther than I could formerly as I led an inactive life. It just takes the will to want to change eating habits and the mental capitity to realize you are NOT on a diet...but a lifestyle change for the remainder of your life. Incorporate both physical excercise and mental excercise and community into your life. Learn how to lessen stress. There are classes, books, and self help tapes, and just going walking for a brisk walk per Dr. Whitaker, makes stress less. I am trying to incorporate a 30 minute walk on all non-rainning days at work during lunch. It does relax me for the afternoon. He also mentions Chelation Therapy and a few other Alternative non-invasive therapys to assist in helping make the arteries better. I am currently looking into Chelation Therapy. Our Cardiologist said Chelation had not been proven to help Heart patients at all. However, I have read studies that show otherwise and it is non-invasive. I was very hopeful of my husband living a long and active life after reading this book. I am looking into changing Cardiologists and Health Insurance Companies. I have located, Via Dr, Whitaker, three doctors who do Cheletation Therapy within a reasonable distance. I Recommend everyone who has had a Heart Attack and lived through it and everyone with high colestrol read this book. It may ending up saving your life.Early heart disease runs in my family, and last year I got a calcium score done and scored rather high for my age. I instantly became one of the "worried well" as Dr. Whitaker puts it. In any case, it became my mission not to end up dying of heart disease at a young age, so I started to buy and read every book I could find on the subject. The most compelling and accessable program to date was that created by Dr. Dean Ornish. With his help I lost 65 pounds and got my lipid profile and blood pressure under control; however, I was still hungry for more information about how this disease progresses and how I can prevent it, along with how I can reverse what has already started. Dr. Whitaker's book was ideal in that regard. I found Dr. Whitaker's book to be easy to read, easy to understand, and filled with data and advice I could implement into my life. I really enjoyed the section wherein he discussed the various diagnostic tests and their respective predictibility. This information was somewhat different than that which had been communicated to me by the various Cardiologists I have seen; however, Dr. Whitaker's information just "sounded right." Rather than using scare tactics like some of the other books I have read, Dr. Whitaker takes an objective approach. When comparing Whitaker's book to Ornish's, the major difference I see is that Ornish has you limit fat intake to 10% a day, whereas Whitaker recommends 20%. Unfortunately, and this is only one of a few issues I have with the book, Dr. Whitaker does not back up his case for fat intake to the extent that Ornish does. So, I came away somewhat torn about how much fat I should be consuming. Overall, this is a fantastic book that I would recommend to anyone who already has heart disease or to those who are at risk for heart disease. I have already bought copies for my three brothers.Dr. Whitaker has done an excellent job of explaining how and why we can live longer and healthier lives by taking care of our circulatory system. His frank and sincere approach comes across wonderfully and he includes many and delicious, healthy recipes that will assist you in reversing many of the symptoms of old age. Everyone who wants to live to have their grandchildren (and maybe great-grandchildren) on their laps someday should read this.
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