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The Calcium Bomb: The Nanobacteria Link to Heart Disease & Cancer

by Douglas Mulhall, published by 2004-11-01 (Writers' Collective)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $24.95
Amazon rating of 5.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 14108

Editor's Review:

IF YOU HAVE HEART DISEASE, ARTHRITIS, or CANCER, you've probably got calcification -- one of the most widespread harmful conditions in existence, and found with diseases like osteoporosis and Alzheimers. Doctors have long known that something in our body misuses calcium to make us sick; they just haven't known why, or how to treat it. Until now.

If you've never heard of calcification or don't know what it does, you'll find crucial answers in The Calcium Bomb, including medical science's recent discovery of a particle -- a nanobacterium so small it challenges the very definition of life -- that makes otherwise good calcium go bad, and which has also been discovered in other incurable diseases. Until recently scientists didn’t know that it existed or what it did. But now they are beginning to understand what it is... and how to treat it.

IF YOU'RE YOUNG AND HEALTHY, your own Calcium Bomb may already be ticking. The Leading Causes of Death list is intimately linked to calcification-associated illnesses like heart disease -- and the U.S. Surgeon General estimates that getting rid of heart disease alone would increase the average lifespan by five years.

THE GOOD NEWS: Many patients are improving with new treatment aimed at heart disease calcification. Will it work for arthritis, injuries, and some cancers where the time bomb also lurks? In easy-to-understand terms, this book explores the hotly contested evidence.

Reader Reviews:

I have never heard any of this information any where. This book is a must read. There is enough information here that makes a strong connection between calcium deposits, nanobacteria, and heart disease.

They do a great job in translating the terms for non medical people. Additionally, I would say that the relationship between the information presented and cancer represented about small percentage of the book, but the linkage is important and worth considering nevertheless.
Truly a "must read," for everyone, the Calcium Bomb is well written, concise and of value to the general public, doctors, researchers and academics. The extensive citations and bibliography add credibility to the content. This is a book to buy for ourself, and all of our loved ones. I would have paid any price to aquire this gem! I am living with `the calcium bomb' in my body. My family did not live with it. My father died at 51, my mother at 47, and my kid brother 54.
When I got tightness in my chest while exercising in 1999, because of my family history, I knew where I was headed. While waiting for my angiogram, I started 10 sessions of intravenous chelation therapy treatment. After a successful implant of 2 stents I continued with 30 treatments of chelation therapy followed by a once monthly maintenance program.
My cardiologist was enraged that I was doing chelation therapy. He called me, "a damn fool," who was "throwing his money away" on an "unproven, untested method of treatment," a "snake oil operation." Following implant of my stents, my cardiologist said, "You're cured." I took exception: "My blocked arteries are open, but what can we do to prevent the systemic calcification that is causing the blockage?"
The answer to that question is in "The Calcium Bomb."
My `alternative' doctor introduced me to the NanobacTX protocol, as described in the book, which reflects our own experience.
This book presents an assessment of the `calcification' problem by two highly qualified independent journalists. They construct an overview of the struggle to establish the validity of Chelation therapy. They scrupulously present a full discussion of the development of this therapy with its clashes between "standard" and "alternative" medicine.
I am deactivating the `calcium bomb' in my body. After some two years of NanobacTX therapy, three CT scans have revealed a 40% reduction of calcification in my heart. At age 68 I am biking 10 miles a day and leading a full life in retirement. I cannot recommend this book highly enough. For me it is "a matter of life and death."
AMAZING!! This is an "easy read" (considering it's) regarding medical and research information. Reader-friendly, yet fully and completely footnoted! The EXCITING advances and GOOD NEWS -- NOW available regarding America's #1 silent KILLER....heart disease. I read this book in 48 hours.

The authors present the current new treatment information, the story of how it came about, as well as yet-unanswered good questions and challenges to the research and medical community, in a clear and open way. THANK YOU!!!
The authors save you the time to research possibly the most important quality of life improvement in the history of humankind. We may not be able to control the ultimate length of our lives (likely limited by our genes - our parents' fault), but,unlike our parents, we may be able to avoid the pain, suffering and premature death due to an infection. If calcium encrusted nanobacteria are a common multiple disease vector, the Finnish man and Turkish woman who pioneered this research over the past 15 years deserve to be winners of the Nobel prize not just nominees. The book provides a rational basis for hope to halt or reverse significant heart disease. It also provides a point of departure for researching a new high-risk potentially high return investment in the stock market. [Full disclosure - after reading this book I bought and hold 20,300 shares of Nanobac Pharmaceuticals (NNBP OTC) a company owned, in part, by the researchers][...]

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