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The Omega Rx Zone: The Miracle of the New High-Dose Fish Oil

by Barry Sears, published by Regan Books (2002-05-01)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $25.95
Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 215256

Editor's Review:

Enter the Omega Rx Zone!Seven years ago, with his bestselling book The Zone, Dr. Sears alerted the American public to the growing dangers of high-carbohydrate diets and how they were responsible for our current epidemic of obesity. With his simple dietary recommendations for moderate carbohydrate consumption balanced with low-fat protein and heart-healthy monounsaturated fat, he has helped millions lose excess body fat, treat heart disease and diabetes, and reverse the aging process.

In The Omega Rx Zone, Dr. Sears greatly expands the potential of the Zone to alter how we think about chronic disease in general -- and in the process allows us to reach our full genetic potential as human beings. Drawing upon his own research as well as recently published studies, he shows how a revolutionary new technological advance in fish oil manufacturing, never before available to the general public, may be the magic bullet that will transform medicine. This new pharmaceutical-grade fish oil offers extraordinary health benefits ranging from helping to treat chronic disease to improving athletic performance and emotional well-being. What makes high-dose fish oil so beneficial? It allows your brain to work at peak efficiency, controlling the hormonal responses that ultimately govern your body and your emotions.

So how is this new generation of fish oil different from yesterday's dreaded cod liver oil? As Dr. Sears explains, the fish oil doled out by our grandmothers and currently sold at health-food stores has never been pure enough to be used in the quantities it takes to feel its potential benefits. The new pharmaceutical -- grade fish oil is more concentrated, free of danerous toxins, and has been clinically tested with spectacular results.

The Omega Rx Zone is a groundbreaking dietary program coupled with guidelines for supplementation using pharmaceutical-grade fish oil that allows us to fine-tune our minds and bodies to reach the full potential of the Zone. With his solid research, practical advice, and infectious enthusiasm, Dr. Sears continues the evolution of his Zone technology that will enable everyone to reach his or her maximum genetic potential for optimal health and vitality for life.

Reader Reviews:

This is the definitely the best book available on this topic - avoid all others because they aren't any informative than a brochure (I've bought them all).

He presents highly specific information while still not getting too academic.

One caveat: you certainly don't have to get his outrageously expensive fish oil products. I get the Natural Factor's Dr. Murray fish oil from either iherb.com, vitaminlife.com, or www.thdv.com. I also get 1/3 of my daily fish oil from puritan's pride (consumerlab.com says they're free of all toxins)

In general, he gets a little too paranoid about contaminants. Check out consumerlab.com for acceptable products.

Good Luck!The OmegaRXZone is an excellent source of information on Omega 3 Fish Oil and what it may do to improve your health, both mentally and physically. A tremendous amount of studies on Omega 3 are being done and many more that have been completed. Sear's OmegaRxZone gives you a summary of many of the already completed research projects in simple language that the layman can understand rather than searching through medical articles that usually go way over our heads. The book suggests that large doses of the oil may may improve several major health problems that Americans are suffering with. Taking Omega 3, eating within " Zone " guidelines, a little walking and staying away from partially hydrogenated fats has turned the lives and health of many of my clients around. The book is a sales pitch for Sear's Oil because it is purer than most other company's Omega 3, an important factor as the oceans become more polluted. It is also a pitch for the Zone Nutrition program, which is probably the safest and one of the least restraining weight loss programs out there. As long as the salesman is selling a great product it is worth " the listen. " My only relationship to Sears is that I believe in his program and feel he is doing what he can to get America healthy again. This book is for #1. Nutrition buffs, #2. People who would like to be educated about the good effects that the right combination of foods and Omega 3 can have on your body, #3. Adults with health problems such as Heart Disease, Arthritis, Cancer and Neurological problems.My wife always brought home and tried several different "diet" books. I was (and still am) skeptical of most. Then, coincidentally on the same day I came home from the doctor with a Cholesterol reading of 285, she brought home from work (library) a copy of this book. I read it. First one made some sense in terms of balanced eating lifestyle. In retrospect, I see now it is all his old stuff + High grade fish oil. But for a first timer, it was helpful. There are, as I found out later, plenty of info on Fish oil. But the Balanced, lo-grain diet was most helpful, and avaiulable in the other books. And one can get a good quality Fish oil (Dr. Murrays RX Omega from iherb.com) at a real reasonable price.
After being in the ZONE for 4 months and taking Fish Oil, my Total cholesterol dropped to 204! And my weight dropped 25 lbs!This is a great book for the lay reader. It introduces one to a set of difficult concepts without ever talking down to you but not requiring you to get a degree in biochemistry before reading it. There is a wealth of references to studies done by major universities around the world which is really appreciated. I started using the Zone Dietary protocols in 1995 when his first book was published, Enter the Zone. It worked just as he said it would. Over the last two years I've strayed and gained about 10 lbs of unwanted body fat. Having recently gotten myself reorganized, I've started again and not only has the fat just melted off, but my BP has lowered. I've also started taking the Omega3 and can tell a difference. There are other books on Omega3 but Sears has a way of dealing with the subject that gives one the sense of talking to a family member about the stars: he's right there and present and witty and smart. I only wish I'd known about Omega3 years ago. It, too, works. And what in this day of endless infomercials is more fascinating than to find something that works just as its promoter says it will???
My only criticism of the book is in the editing and proof reading. The publishers should be horse whipped.His writing style is very clear and easy to follow. Or at least it was for me, since I am trained as a Chemist.

It was nice that he explained some very basic details that are missed when people get stuck in their fad diets.

1. Rebuffs the Atkins diet (high protein, high fat, low carbohydrates) as being metabolically unbalanced. And explains WHY.

2. Makes a clear distinction between "good" and "bad" carbohydrates. Fruit and vegetables ARE carbs, but they are generally "good." But even among them, some fit into the category of "bad." (Corn, potatoes, mangos).

3. Points out the regulating what you eat consistently (i.e., at each meal) is a better way to go than going on six week diets. There is no way to lose weight but by eating right.

4. Shows the *detailed references* upon which his reasoning is based. And demonstrates how his diet was tested and survived the authentication process in other studies.

5. Explains some things that are often overlooked: A. The obstructive bureaucracy involved in the FDAs assignment of categories to foods and the resulting slowness of change of conventional diets (The FDA is the reason that drugs cost so much in the US, in spite of what some of these babbling neo-hippie protestors would have us believe about "corporate greed.") ; B. The fact that humans are eating higher levels of foods that were actually not available to use 100,000 years ago when people were essentially the same as now, but with different diets. We were actually not evolved to eat such things as we are now; C. Debunks some of the common myths about exercising and then eating *whatever* after that will undo all that you've just done.

6. Gives the Reader's Digest version of the behavior of the body under abnormal circumstances (excess insulin production, etc.)

His writing style is also fabulously easy to read, and the book is set up in such a way that you can find the papers to get more detailed discussions of some facts of which he gives the Reader's Digest version in the passages.

Some aspects may be too technical for people who don't have any background in science. And in that case, then you can get "Entering The Zone" and it will tell you essentially the same things as this book does, without the emphasis on high dose fish oil.

I'm sure that Dr. Sears has made a lot of money on this book. It's Stephen Covey revisited-- Packaging old wine in new bottles and making a mint off of it.
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