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Raw Meaty Bones Promote Health (P)

by Tom Lonsdale, published by Dogwise Publishing (2001-08)

Buy now from Amazon.com for $29.95
Amazon rating of 4.0 out of 5, Amazon sales rank: 18620

Editor's Review:

For the price of a 15 minute consultation with your vet Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health provides hours of reading pleasure. In 391 easy-to-read pages you can discover masses of information not available in whole libraries of veterinary textbooks. If you are a pet owner this book will likely be one of the best investments that you have ever made. Big savings in vet bills and feed bills are likely to be measurable benefits.

But how can you measure the benefits of pain-free happy pets? How can you measure your feelings? - knowing that you have done the best for the pets in your care. You can't. But you and your pets can experience those feelings - because Raw Meaty Bones: Promote Health.

Reader Reviews:

I love the idea of a raw diet for dogs and I agree with his views on commercial petfood.
I just got really sick of reading about dental issues. It seems like 80% of this book is about dental hygeine.
The book should be named "Raw Meaty Bones promote Dental Hygeine", not "Health".

I also feel he should've given more in-depth information on what to feed/ how to feed.
He is also a proponent of feeding wings and backs alone- that is just TOO MUCH BONE.

If you look at a whole prey animal, the percentage of bone in it will be 8%-12%. Chicken wings/ backs alone are 50% bone. They are not a biologically appropriate way of feeding!
He does deserve credit for stating that whole prey is best, though.

Lonsdale has great ideas, but he should've published a separate book about canine dental health, or not gone off about it so much, and his specific diet recommendations are lacking/ somewhat misleading.
I fed RMB to our Golden Retreiver until we lost him in an accident. He was very healthy, had beautiful teeth, and had never experienced tooth-brushing.

My Labrador Retriever is on a mixed diet of RMB, table scraps, and vet-recommended commercial food. He's two years old, and has beautiful build, hair, and teeth.

As to safety, I live in Venezuela, and a few months ago there were thousands of dogs killed by being fed aflatoxine infected kibble form the leading brand produced by Nestl?. The fungus was in rotten corn added to the food. The demands for civil damages are still pending. You can research these facts on the web.

I feed my dog RMB bought at the same places where I buy the steaks that I like to eat medium rare (or completely raw, as in several dishes I love, like Carpaccio, or Kibbe). I guess it's either OK, or we'll both go away together, my dog and I.

JAThe scare-mongering review by Michelle McAllister is way off the mark, as is Erin's (but then she admits she hasn't read the book, so no surprises there). Sure ANYONE or THING could choke on a bone, but by and large, animals are used to a diet that involves chewing and gnawing, and the soft foods marketed by the commercial pet food industry come nowhere close. The plain truth is somehow, along the line, a massive industry has evolved to cater for our (not our pet's) every whim when it comes to feeding our so-called best friends. So-called, because if you knew what REALLY went into a can of dog food (visit www.purelypets.com/articles/whatsinfood.htm for an appraisal of what's in the average can) you'd never feed it to your best friend! Commercial pet food is a lazy alternative pressed upong us by mega corporations who have convinced us it is the best way to keep family pets healthy and happy. They make a massive income from companion animal ownership, and sacrificing precious consumer dollars to the local butcher is the LAST thing they want to happen.
To the silly people who say raw meaty bones are not good for dogs or cats - I suppose you think these animals are vegetarians? And I suppose you would be personally happy to never eat a fresh meal again and switch to canned soup, spaghetti and baked beans instead?
Educate yourselves and spare your pets the poor dental and general health they are no doubt suffering because of your ignorance. Give them a meaty bone!
To Dr Lonsdale, I hope it's only a matter of time before your peers eventually catch up to you.This book is a true eye-opener and paradigm shifter.

For years I fed my dogs the "expensive" dog food from the vet, but they still had horrible skin problems, disgusting breath and nasty teeth. I felt so guilty about not feeding my dogs the 'natural' way (blending, cooking, mixing, grating, chopping veggies and meats every week, yuk!), that I had all but resigned myself to overpaying for bags of grain and sugar(aka:kibble) for my dogs.

After doing research on canine diets throughout history I discovered a new book,"Raw Meaty Bones" by Dr Tom Lonsdale. "This is it!", I thought. How could it get any easier? Buy a chicken at the store, throw it on the ground, let my dogs enjoy. They loved it, I loved it, and they haven't had to have their teeth cleaned in over two years. The vet keeps patting me on the back for brushing my dogs' teeth. Are you nuts? No way, I just feed them their natural carnivore diet of meat and bones.

And to the people who start screaming hysterically about not feeding dogs bones--who are you kidding? Honestly, what do you think companion animals have eaten since they were first domesticated? Huh? Whatever they were given, found, or killed themselves. Kibble is a modern invention, just like processed human foods, and both are high dollar industries with much to lose should we all wise up.

Do yourselves and your animals a favor--read Tom Lonsdale's book, and give your dog (and cat) a bone (a big, raw meaty one) today. I like the idea of a raw food diet in this book. I dislike the extreme view on commercial diets. While I know that many commercial diets are low-quality, this author makes it seem like pet food companies rummage through dumpsters to find their ingredients! And comparing the pet food industry to the cigarette industry is, in my opinion, ridiculous. If more commercially-fed pets suffer than raw-diet pets, it's mainly because most pets are still fed commercial diets!

The views on commercial diets aside, I found this book to be very informative and enjoyable and would recommend it.
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