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Anti-GMO 'Santo' movie appears to have been the victim of an elaborate disinfo campaign involving social media operatives

8/7/2013 - A Natural News investigation has been conducted into the anti-Monsanto movie named "Santo," which has garnered an enormous amount of attention over the past few weeks. (Click here to see the movie preview.) You may be aware that the movie and the filmmaker have been under fire for the past two weeks,...

Proof: MMS cures malaria, despite Red Cross cover-up

7/29/2013 - The International Federation of Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), the parent organization of the more widely known American Red Cross, is currently engaged in a massive cover-up of a simple, non-toxic cure for malaria. A recent field trial conducted with a team of Red Cross humanitarian workers...

Only six days left: Help support a powerful new film to expose vaccines and Big Pharma

6/25/2013 - We all need to get behind a new movie effort by Jeff C. Hays, creator of the film "Doctored." This new film, called "Bought," looks like it will be the most powerful, hard-hitting documentary we've ever seen about the dangers of vaccines and pharmaceuticals. With 70 percent of the U.S. population now...

Blockbuster documentary '$tatin Nation' reveals the great cholesterol cover-up; watch the trailer here

5/8/2013 - An amazing new film that questions the false medical narrative on statin drugs has just been launched on the Natural News video delivery platform. Called "$tatin Nation," the film features a dozen interviews with top medical doctors, authors and even patients who are now standing up and publicly questioning...

"Side Effects" film lets Pharma off the hook, while also painting a dark picture of medication use

4/23/2013 - Side Effects is a fictional film starring the likes of Jude Law and Catherine Zeta-Jones, directed by Steven Soderbergh, that looks at the possible side effects of prescription psychiatric drugs on the mind and human actions. According to screenwriter Scott Z. Burns, Side Effects had its origin about...

Side Effects film in theaters now

4/5/2013 - Hollywood has taken an unanticipated, but obviously appropriate, interest in the subject of antidepressant drugs in the new psychological "thriller-neo-noir" film Side Effects, which is currently making the rounds in theaters nationwide. Like the name portends, Side Effects draws attention to the real-life...

Green smoothies' performance effects are the subject of new Boutenko documentary

4/2/2013 - As advanced as high-performance athletic training has become in the technological era, what effect can green smoothies have on the performance of endurance athletes? Sergei Boutenko is currently setting out to test the results of adding a regular and substantial intake of green smoothies to the training...

New GMO animation film launched by Infomatic Films and Natural News - must see!

1/31/2013 - A new animation film from Infomatic Films has just been launched by Natural News: "GMO A Go Go" is available for viewing now on YouTube and Here are the links: Click here to view on Click here to view on YouTube. The film was created by Kirk Rutter of...

Fluoridegate - the film that will absolutely obliterate any remaining credibility of chemical fluoride pushers

1/30/2013 - Have you ever wondered why most major municipal water utilities across America continue to artificially fluoridate public water supplies when inexpensive fluoride toothpastes are readily available for those who choose to use them? Or why governments and medical groups continue to force fluoridated tap...

Powerful new film coming soon: American Empire

12/11/2012 - It's been called a "revolution in film" by The Huffington Post. Top director Oliver Stone has said it is a "provocative" production that "makes you think." When American Empire: An Act of Collective Madness premiered in October at the Abu Dhabi Film Festival, it received instant accolades as "the...

Celebrate Thanksgiving by participating in TSA 'Opt Out and Film Week'

11/22/2012 - The busiest travel week of the year is upon us, as millions of Americans busily head to airports and board flights to visit loved ones for the Thanksgiving holiday. And while this is typically a time during which most people relax and forget about the cares of this world, it is critical that freedom-loving...

Fight for liberty! Join the TSA Opt-Out and Film Week

11/16/2012 - As more and more Americans log onto the White House website and sign the electronic petitions seeking to allow their state to secede from the nation, other citizen movements are afoot to empower the people in this time of growing unrest. One such movement, sponsored by, is called the...

Lethal food system collapse is already happening; new film aims to prevent malnourishment and death

8/2/2012 - What if a hurricane and disastrous man-made flood ruined the economy of your city to the point where children throughout the city could not get access to nourishing food? Economic and nutritional degradation now sounds like most cities in America, even without a hurricane. The severe and epic disaster...

Be Born and Live: New film cries freedom amidst the 'power, efficiency, and profit' of US birth system

7/13/2012 12:54:14 PM - As I sat here watching "Pregnant in America," at first I was gradually becoming stirred up, and then it dawned on me like an explosion that children, mothers, and fathers are getting the shortest end possible of the American Birth System's stick. This is a documentary that is based on solid, yet swept-under-the-rug,...

Film 'Last Call at the Oasis' blasts pharmaceutical drugs and toxic chemicals in our water, causing disease

5/16/2012 - While it's true that most of us generally don't want to plunk down $30-$40 at the movies to see something that lectures, preaches or wags a finger at us, every now and then there is a film that takes the high road to providing us with key information and is just too important to miss. One such film...

The Hunger Games movie review - a glimpse of our own future if the cancerous growth of government is not checked

4/2/2012 - The Hunger Games is a wildly popular new movie set in a dystopian future where an all-powerful, high-tech centralized government rules over "districts" of impoverished populations barely surviving in third-world conditions. The film, based on the book of the same name by Suzanne Collins, is important...

The Great Culling - a hard-hitting film about water, fluoride, food, vaccines and more - needs your support to be completed

4/1/2012 - The Great Culling is a film trilogy that's already in production. The film's creators -- who also helped produce What In the World Are They Spraying ( -- have already wrapped up numerous interviews for the film including one with myself, the Health Ranger. See...

Must-see film: Pink Ribbons, Inc

2/10/2012 - They are everywhere these days, a symbol of cause-based marketing at its most profitable. But are those little pink breast cancer ribbons really making any difference at all in the fight against breast cancer, or are they merely a crafty tool to funnel billions of dollars into an industry that thrives...

Eye-opening vaccine documentary 'The Greater Good' available exclusively at NaturalNews through Feb 21

2/8/2012 - The most extraordinary documentary you will likely see this year is also one that could save the life of a child. It's called "The Greater Good," and it rocks the very foundation of the vaccine industry with a powerful, focused message that credibly questions the vaccine mythology of western medicine. If...

Reversing the Irreversible - discover how 37 people cured diabetes, cancer, eczema, IBS, high blood pressure and more

2/6/2012 - Valya Boutenko's newest film release reveals the true story of how 37 people reversed so-called "incurable" disease by unleashing their innate healing powers. Flying in the face of conventional medical wisdom -- which really isn't wise at all -- this film celebrates the simple yet powerful truths about...

Orgasm Inc. film review: Big Pharma's disease mongering targets women's sexual behavior

1/1/2012 - If you're in the mood for an intelligent documentary revealing the absurdity and greed of the medical-pharmaceutical complex, add Orgasm Inc. to your Netflix queue. The film manages to be both witty and informative while exposing how Big Pharma and medical device-makers ignore the complexities of female...

Film review: Consuming Kids - a must-see documentary for all parents

12/14/2011 - Parents, educators and anyone interested in how children in the US are affected by the media will want to watch "Consuming Kids: The Commercialization of Childhood." The film, available for viewing online (, traces the connection between the full-scale media immersion...

NaturalNews suggestion for your Netflix queue: The Vanishing of the Bees

12/13/2011 - "Vanishing of the Bees" provides a fascinating perspective on Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). The film looks at the mysterious affliction which has destroyed honeybee populations at many bee farms in the US, leaving hives deserted, yet with few bee bodies remaining to help unravel the riddle. Bee...

The best new online videos you'll want to check out: Define Better, FLOW, Awakening and more

8/20/2011 - There are some astounding, heart-pounding new videos that have just hit the scene, and you'll want to check these out. For starters, here are two very powerful music videos that are starting to go viral across the 'net. The first one is called "Define Better" featuring Chill EB. It's a hard-hitting...

Cancer is curable NOW! Thirty experts reveal most advanced and effective cancer treatments and cures available today

8/3/2011 - Alternative cancer treatment has grown into a powerful movement that is catching on quickly all over the world -- a movement which will finally reveal the ignorance of conventional treatments by showing how cancer is ALREADY curable right now: not with medicine or drugs, but with knowledge. Marcus...

Planned film documentary 'One More Girl' promises to unveil the truth about HPV vaccines

2/16/2011 - Two film making brothers and prominent advocacy groups have announced the planned production of a provocative new documentary film about HPV vaccines titled "One More Girl". The just issued press release, announcing the film and seeking funding donations, promises that the film will reveal to the world...

Raw in 30 Days documentary shows real people reversing type-2 diabetes in mere days with living foods

11/15/2010 - The diabetes establishment is about to be rocked. Very few films have the power to change the world and shake up the establishment, but Raw in 30 Days is one of them. Filmed at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, this courageous reality film documents the trials and successes...

AIDS fraud: The Marketing of an Epidemic exposed in House of Numbers exclusive film clip

5/3/2010 - The global AIDS epidemic being pushed by the AIDS industry is a fraud. Key pioneers from the industry now speak out against "the false marketing of the AIDS epidemic" in an exclusive video clip from the highly controversial documentary House of Numbers ( Watch the clip right...

Stunning documentary: Raw in 30 days reveals rapid cure for type-2 diabetes

4/25/2010 - Very few films have the power to change the world and shake up the establishment, but Raw in 30 Days is one of them. Filmed at the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Patagonia, Arizona, this courageous reality film documents the trials and successes of a group of everyday Americans who experience the...

James Cameron's Avatar delivers a powerful message of connectedness with Mother Nature

12/26/2009 - If you see just one film this holiday season (or even this year), make it James Cameron's Avatar. It's a powerful, inspiring film that demonstrates movie-making at its best, and it delivers a crucial message for our time: That all living beings are connected and that those who seek to exploit nature...

Shocking truth about AIDS exposed on World AIDS Day with "House of Numbers" un-cut footage

12/1/2009 - When Brent Leung started showcasing his groundbreaking new documentary film about AIDS, "House of Numbers" (, he had no way to comprehend the wave of defamatory attacks that would be unleashed against him. Promoters of conventional AIDS theories (with all their vaccines and pharmaceuticals)...

Breakthrough documentary "House of Numbers" challenges conventional thinking on HIV, AIDS

10/29/2009 - Canadian filmmaker Brent Leung isn't winning any friends in the pharmaceutical industry these days. His breakthrough documentary "House of Numbers" features jaw-dropping interviews with doctors, researchers and even the co-discoverer of HIV himself (Luc Montagnier), all of whom reveal startling information...

Edible Food Film Made from Tomatoes Prevents E. Coli Contamination

2/6/2009 - An edible film based on simple tomato puree might be able to protect foods from contamination by E. coli and other bacteria, according to a study conducted by researchers from the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Agriculture Research Service and the Western Regional Research Centre, Processed Foods,...

Movie Review: Wall-E from Pixar is the Best Animated Film of 2008

1/29/2009 - Released in the Summer of 2008, the animated feature film "Wall-E" from Pixar is flat out one of the best animated feature films you'll ever see. It easily takes the title of best animated film of 2008, and perhaps of all time. If you haven't seen Wall-E yet, you owe it to yourself to pick up this movie...

Film Review: GenerationRx Documents Chemical Abuse of Children by Pharmaceutical Industry, Modern Psychiatry

11/26/2008 - Filmmaker Kevin Miller has just launched a shocking new documentary that exposes the crimes and deceptions of modern psychiatry and the drug companies that now control the industry. His film, entitled GenerationRx sheds light on the shadowy practices of psychiatric doctors who are increasingly drugging...

Making of the Film Eating

10/18/2008 - This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Renegade Roundtable, which can be found at In this excerpt, Mike Anderson shares the journey that has led him to make the amazing film "Eating." Renegade Water Secrets with Mike Anderson, who is a medical researcher,...

All Jacked Up: The Explosive Junk Food Documentary the Food Companies Hope You Never See

1/17/2008 - Back in early 2007, I was invited to participate in a pioneering new documentary that dared to explore the harmful effects of processed foods and soft drinks on teenagers. I flew to Los Angeles, spent two hours being interviewed on camera, and went back home, hoping my efforts would help educate parents...

Kevin Miller's New "Generation Rx" Documentary Exposes Mass Betrayal of Children by FDA, Big Pharma

1/8/2008 - A new documentary on the dangers of mind-altering drugs will be arriving this year, and the film's creator Kevin Miller was kind enough to send us an advance copy of the film for review. Not many films have the potential to radically reshape the understanding of an entire nation and create positive...

Review of "The Chumscrubber": A dark comedy about the serious consequences of an overmedicated society

8/25/2006 - This is a review of the movie "The Chumscrubber," which is an intriguing and artful look at important themes in modern society. It stars Jamie Bell, and a host of well-known actors such as Ralph Fiennes, Glenn Close and Carrie-Anne Moss. The movie certainly has no lack of solid acting talent. In fact,...

Official U.S. history of atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki is more fiction than fact

2/28/2006 - "The experiment has been an overwhelming success," President Harry S. Truman reportedly told his shipmates upon learning that the U.S. military had dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. When considering the bomb's immediate and generational aftereffects on human life, President Truman's statements evoke...

Interview with Jennifer Mattox, founder of Faerie Films and director of school nutrition documentary "Vending Machine"

7/18/2005 - Jessica: I'm talking with Jennifer Mattox, founder of Faerie Films and director of the upcoming documentary, "Vending Machine." Can you tell me a little bit about Faerie Films and why you launched the company? Mattox: Faerie Films was created because I was very interested in social behavior and the...

Digital cameras are good for the environment

2/1/2005 - As we consider the digital camera revolution that has taken place over the last decade, most people think about it in terms of enhanced benefits for consumers. We can take a lot more pictures at much lower cost with digital cameras versus film cameras. We can also more easily manipulate and share those...

Breakthrough Food Technology Process Protects Foods With Thin Film Made From Natural Ingredients; Replaces Plastic Wrap

8/6/2004 - Every once in a while, new technology emerges in the field of food manufacturing that offers the potential for a real breakthrough in the delivery of fresh, nutritious food products to consumers. Such is the case with a new edible food film that has been developed by researchers from the Oregon State...

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