'Herding' vaccine theory a complete hoax and failure

Tuesday, November 26, 2013 by: S. D. Wells
Tags: vaccine theory, herd immunity, medical hoax

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(NaturalNews) Let's start off this "probe" by defining herd immunity, or "herding," in a different context, other than the vaccine theory that almost everybody knows, and think about where the concept really comes from, then we'll know where all of this is really heading. In economic literature, herding means that, under certain conditions, humans flock to each other rather than making independent decisions or acting on their own beliefs. What seems like perfectly rational behavior can turn out to be decisions based on propaganda, like when a lot of investors buy a "popular" stock to inflate the value, only to fool the masses with their "bull rush" that becomes a huge "stock dump" shortly afterwards. The "data" presented to these "herds" fits a specific paradigm rather than some challenge or intelligent decision. The motivation with vaccines is different though, the core theory is to NOT gain something, and that something is disease, so there is fear involved in the propaganda. But are the herds actually safer with all the other "cattle" that have also been injected with toxins, including genetically altered bacteria, live versions of the "threat" and formaldehyde, mercury and aluminum? Are the herded masses better off, now that their immune systems have been completely compromised and their central nervous system attacked by some fight or flight inducing chemicals?

Injected "cattle" get the other cattle sick

Have you ever been to a doctor's office's waiting room or sat for a while in the emergency room "waiting area" and wondered if you were contracting some awful virus, flu, bacteria or "super bug" (new GMO virus/bacteria) from the people sitting around you, coughing, sneezing, bleeding or just breathing? Why is that? Why are so many people getting sick so easily and so often? Have you ever received the flu shot and then came down with the flu a couple days later, or even that same night? Homeopathy works, but injecting a dozen lab-concocted carcinogens into your veins and literally praying for immunity is insane, yet Western Medicine has the blind herds following the blind herds that follow the blind herds. They say there's safety in numbers, right? They're wrong.

If you're afraid of getting sick when you're out in public, by touching the grocery cart handle or sitting next to someone who keeps sneezing, if you want immunity to what the masses have, then you should be building your immunity with organic herbs and tinctures and consuming RAW and ORGANIC vegetables and fruits, not injecting yourself two, three or four times a year with untested, "scientific" and experimental vaccines, which have no proof of success, not on a single human being or the "herds." There is plenty of research if you have doubts about the herd immunity concept being a complete failure. You just have to know where to look: (

Could it be that the politicians and "Big Pharmakeia" are herding the masses, the very ones that they don't want reproducing? Could this be the "great culling," again, just like when the Nazis wanted to create some elite, superior, "perfect race" of people with blond hair and blue eyes? Will the next wave of DNA-mutated vaccines in America be a Trojan horse for ethnic cleansing? Only time will tell.

Population control "injections" or a push for Obamacare?

The 75-year-old herd theory is a hoax. It is a planned disservice. They (Big Pharma and the politicians who are their cohorts) want you to believe that immunization by vaccines saves thousands of lives. "The benefits are much greater if everyone is vaccinated than if not, therefore it is essential that as many people as possible are vaccinated." They want you to believe that there should be as "few obstacles as possible to such a program in order to save as many lives as possible." They want you to believe that YOU are the threat to society if you do NOT get vaccinated, when in actuality, you become a casualty of the health care system once you do get shot up with GMO bacteria, and that's the way they like it - enormous health care bills, and take a big guess just who is collecting the "tax" bill now .... The one and only ... I .... R ..... S.

Get yourself and your children, if you still have any, out of harm's way. Read the real research that reveals herd immunity doesn't work. Never inject DNA "fragments" from other species into your blood. Check out the Freedom of Information Act and obtain the truth! Uncover the cover-up. There is a pandemic going on right now - it's called GMO food and GMO medicine. Don't let them fool you into following the "herd" over the health cliff.

Dr. David Freed says: "It seems to me that the ethical background to vaccination - giving potentially harmful medications to healthy individuals in the hope of keeping them that way - has never been clearly addressed... Who gave us the right to invade the bodies of healthy people who never asked us to, and to do it not only without explanation of the possible risks, but in some countries even applying coercive pressures, denying the existence of the risks, and suppressing relevant information?" What are the "health hazards" of this so called disease prevention program that the Western masses are sold on? Let's examine this thoroughly: (

Plus, Dr. Maurice Hilleman, former top Merck vaccine scientist and inventor, admits it all on VIDEO! (

And that, my friends, brings us back to "herding" and the BIG LIE that's perpetuated with propaganda. If you want immunity to anything, the LAST thing you should do is inject aluminum, mercury (thimerosal), MSG and formaldehyde into your body, bypassing the digestive and breathing filtration systems. Nobody needs to "shock" their immune system into action. Be smart. Don't get probed, prodded, jabbed or herded! Vaccines are loaded with chemicals and it IS enough to keep the herds in need on chronic sick care, symptom cover-up medications. In other words, even if the vaccines and flu shots did work, you'd still be injecting toxins that cause other ailments, diseases and central nervous system disorders. There is a pattern. Keep your eyes open.

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