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Originally published August 18 2015

NYC Mayor de Blasio criticizes EU for abandoning Italy to illegal immigrants, ignores impact of illegal immigration on the U.S

by J. D. Heyes

(NaturalNews) New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio has taken politically correct hypocrisy to new levels in criticism of the European Union and top GOP presidential contender and real estate mogul Donald Trump, both over the subject of illegal immigration.

As reported by, de Blasio - at the Vatican recently for a summit on "climate change" and human trafficking - announced that NYC would no longer be doing business with Trump because the latter's earlier comments regarding illegal immigrants who sneak into the U.S.

In addition, de Blasio also lashed out at the EU over its immigration policy, stating that it needs to come up with a Europe-wide immigration policy or stop acting as though it is a genuine union.

"As a proud Italian-American, I am deeply troubled by the lack of action by the European Union and the way that Italy has been left to fend for itself very unfairly," said De Blasio, whose grandparents emigrated from Italy to New York, in a statement.

Demanding the EU do what he won't do

For a number of years, Italy has demanded that the EU do more to help stave off waves of migrants streaming into Europe from North Africa and the Middle East aboard smugglers boats. Along with Greece and Malta, Italy is also on the front lines for new arrivals of thousands from impoverished third-world nations whose corrupt governments are eager to rid themselves of excess mouths to feed. The mass migration is straining the resources of the three countries.

In response the European Union has increased Mediterranean rescue operations but the EU has balked at Italian demands for other member nations to take in immigrants as well.

"Europe can't decide to be unified some of the time and ignore important issues at other times," de Blasio lectured. "And there needs to be a European Union policy that addresses the vast amount of immigration that is happening. It's not fair to have Italy have to shoulder so much of the burden...there needs to be a European solution."

And yet, de Blasio and other liberal-socialists have been completely silent on the impact massive illegal immigration has had on U.S. border states - which, by the way, is substantial.

As documented by the Federation for American Immigration Reform, a group that favors reducing legal immigration to more manageable levels while strengthening border security, in 2013 illegal immigration cost the nation an estimated $113 billion annually. And while that may not sound like much for a federal government with a $4 trillion budget, most of the cost burdens are being borne by states and localities that cannot afford them.

de Blasio's hypocrisy

According to a recent report from FAIR, the dollar amounts being spent by federal and state governments are not even close to similar. What's more, the report's expenditure figures also factor in taxes collected from illegal aliens who are working inside the country, and still there is no comparison.

"This report estimates the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level to be about $113 billion; nearly $29 billion at the federal level and $84 billion at the state and local level," says the report's Executive Summary.

"The study also estimates tax collections from illegal alien workers, both those in the above-ground economy and those in the underground economy," the summary continued. "Those receipts do not come close to the level of expenditures and, in any case, are misleading as an offset because over time unemployed and underemployed U.S. workers would replace illegal alien workers."

In addition to city and state government expenditures, public and private enterprises like schools, hospitals and clinics, shelters and other services are also hard-hit by mass immigration.

As for de Blasio, it's hypocritical of him to demand the EU "do more" to share the burden of illegal immigration without once offering to, say, offering up the Big Apple to Texas, Arizona and Southern California as an illegal alien relief valve.


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