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Democrats now aligned with Mexican drug cartels in hatred for Donald Trump and disdain for rule of law

Drug cartels

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(NaturalNews) It might seem like a trick question but it's actually one that is very valid: What do the Democratic Party and Mexican drug cartels have in common? The answer: As it turns out, quite a lot.

Consider just two issues:

-- Progressive hate for Donald Trump. He is, after all, the one Republican presidential contender for 2016 who has financial independence which also allows him to to say what he means (without concern of misguided blowback). In the end, Trump simply espouses what most Americans will readily admit – that we've got an illegal immigration problem and that not all who enter our country illegally are noble or upstanding.

-- Disdain and outright hostility towards the rule of law.

Mexican drug cartels operate outside of the law, on their side of the border and, increasingly, on our side. If you think ISIS is brutal, consider the viciousness and brutality of Mexican drug lords. Rule by the sword – or, automatic weapon and hand grenade – is how these groups operate, and they don't care who gets in the way when they mete out discipline. For them, killing is a way of life; beheadings are as common south of the border as they are in ISIS-controlled portions of Syria and Iraq. So are mass murders. Mexican drug cartels and criminal gangs (like MS-13, which actually has its origins in 1980s Los Angeles) are responsible for the deaths of more than 60,000 Mexican soldiers, police, politicians and civilians between 2006-2012, according to the Council on Foreign Relations. This calculation does not include the missing.

'They'll be all over'

Besides drug trafficking, however, Mexican drug cartels are also heavily involved in human trafficking – that is, the smuggling of illegal aliens into the U.S. Also, as we reported a year ago, the cartels have used a flood of illegal immigrants as cover for their drug and criminal-smuggling enterprises.

Speaking from Laredo, Texas, Border Patrol Union spokesman Hector Garza said, "Right now, we have a lot of drugs and criminals coming across the border undetected." Further, he asserted that those criminals are going to start showing up soon in cities across the nation.

"New York, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, they'll be all over," he said.

As for Trump, no sooner than he had broken out of a Mexican prison for the second time, Sinaloa cartel leader Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman threatened the 2016 presidential contender via his son's Twitter account. If Trump is eventually declared a "major presidential candidate" as defined by Title 18, United States Code, he will begin to receive Secret Service protection and, as such, threats like Guzman's will have to be taken more seriously.

Democrats, meanwhile, are supporters of open borders and "sanctuary cities" – local jurisdictions whose elected officials have instructed their police departments to ignore federal requests to identify and detain illegal aliens, including criminal aliens, in violation of federal statutes. Worse, the Obama administration – which has the authority to see to it that federal immigration laws are enforced – has instead turned a blind eye to the problem of criminal aliens and sanctuary cities.

Sanctuary cities, violations of federal laws and drugs

As Fox News reported in October:

In the past, these so-called "detainer requests" from ICE were routinely granted.

Now, however, the very counties that once turned over thousands of illegal immigrant felons to ICE are refusing -- afraid of being sued for holding the wrong person or forced to renege by immigrant-friendly policies in Democrat-dominated districts.

When Trump made his comments during his campaign launch that Mexico "does not send us their best" citizens, and that many were killers and "rapists," it was Democrats who jumped on him the hardest (though some GOP presidential contenders have also criticized his remarks).

And yet, within days of making those comments, Kate Steinle, 32, of San Francisco, an original sanctuary city, was gunned down by Francisco Sanchez, 45, an illegal alien criminal who had been deported five times already and was in custody as late as March – but who was released under San Fran's liberal (and unlawful) immigration policies.

Democrat support for such policies is like a magnet that attracts illegal immigrants and nowhere is that more true than in California – the state with the highest number of illegal immigrants.

So all in all, it seems as though there are plenty of similarities between Democrat policies and Mexican drug cartels.









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