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Originally published November 6 2006

The Voters (comic)

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

This comic is not a commentary on the outcome of the U.S. mid-term elections, as I'm writing this the day BEFORE the election. Rather, it's a commentary on how easily the masses are fooled into voting for crooked, dishonest and downright unethical people because those candidates are heavily promoted by organized, well-funded special interest groups with self-serving agendas.

What we have in the United States today is the illusion of Democracy. We're given a "choice" of candidates who all operate in a two-party monopoly system that thrives on corruption, influence peddling and corporate control. The easily-fooled sheeple (also known as "the voters") believe they are making a sweeping difference in the future of our nation when, in reality, both dominant parties (Democrats and Republicans alike) will deliver only financial ruin in the end.

No candidates, save perhaps a few Libertarians, Green Party candidates and independents, are talking about the issues that really matter, such as saving our country from financial collapse or protecting the environment from destruction at the hands of incessant monopolists. If we're mired in debt and depending on the gullible Chinese to keep buying worthless U.S. Treasury bills, this country has no financial future and collapse of the U.S. economy is inevitable. And if climate change obliterates the world's food supply while unleashing global pandemics (both of which are likely results from continued CO2 emissions and global warming), then all the political bickering in the world doesn't matter very much anyway.

The issues that really matter are energy reform, education reform, health care reform, tax reform, financial reform and of course peace vs. war. Aside from the war issue, do you hear anyone talking seriously about these? If so, they're the exceptions, and they're not likely to get elected. The voters don't want real reform. They only demand short-term handouts, stop-gap measures and empty promises.

That's why every nation eventually gets the government it deserves. And the U.S. voters deserve exactly what they've created: A government run by war criminals, imperialists, thieves and miscreants who will harm any nation, exploit any natural resource, and trample any freedom as long as it serves their own interests. To believe that these people, under this structure of government, will ever deliver some sort of lasting sanity is beyond reasonable belief.

Now some of you will react strongly to this message and say, "I disagree! Voting the Democrats into office will save us from the evil Republicans!" My answer to that claim is found in one simple question: How many Democrats opposed the original Patriot Act?

And in that tiny number you'll find your answer. In fact, the only lawmaker I've seen who really stands up for genuine freedom is Rep. Ron Paul, a Republican from Texas. Check his voting record and you'll discover what real leaders are supposed to do in Washington. You can also click here to read his comment on the Patriot Act extension.

Does all this mean I think voting is useless? Of course not. I voted in this election, and I encourage everyone to vote. It's one of the few remaining channels of dissent available to the masses. Plus, perhaps as importantly, voting gives you real power over local laws. So vote for the impact on your local community, if nothing else. And do your best to send honest people to Washington. Just don't count on them staying honest once they get there. That place has a way of corrupting even those with the best intentions.

And do not ever fall for the silly idea that some Senator, Governor or President will save this country. If you want to create a better future for your children, you've got to start saving this country yourself. And that means grassroots activism. Political rallies. Free speech on the web where you can tell the truth and voice your dissent (along with suggestions solutions, hopefully). This is how nations are fundamentally changed -- from OUTSIDE the election process. Read European history if you have any doubts.

No real change was ever accomplished at the ballot box. Elections are primarily a mechanism whereby one set of criminals is replaced with another. It doesn't mean you shouldn't vote, it only means you shouldn't stop with voting. Make your vote count, and then go on to launch or join a grassroots movement that will REALLY make a difference.

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