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Originally published July 17 2004

Following revelation that new cholesterol advice came from board members who profit from statin drug makers, medical leaders see no conflict of interest

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

This article isn't about the comical fact that six out of nine board members who issued the new cholesterol guidelines have been paid by the very pharmaceutical companies who stand to benefit from those new guidelines. (Lower cholesterol guidelines will equate to billions in profits from the sales of statin drugs.) Rather, this is about the outrageous defense of these financial ties -- and the failure to disclose such ties -- by the board members themselves and leaders of the medical community. Essentially, these people are saying that having financial ties to pharmaceutical companies is just fine, and there's nothing wrong with a health advisory board being made up of people who stand to financially benefit from issuing such advice.

This is a clear example of dishonesty and the near complete lack of ethics in modern medicine. The relationships between doctors, board members, researchers, drug companies and the FDA are incestuous, and as long as more drugs are being sold to the public, everybody pockets a bit of the profits. It's a drug racket, folks, and you're watching it in full swing right now.

In a normal, ethical society, these board members should have been disqualified based on their financial ties to the pharmaceutical companies that stand to benefit most from this new cholesterol lowering decision. That they did not excuse themselves -- nor even bother to disclose their relationships with pharmaceutical companies -- is further proof that the drug racket is alive and well in America.

Technically, the system is a criminal organization made up of drug makers (pharmaceutical companies), drug dealers (physicians and pharmacists) and drug promoters (the FDA). Much of the so-called science behind these drugs is outright fraudulent, the marketing is based on false claims produced by the fraudulent science, and the long-term health effects of these drugs are devastating to the American people. The FBI should be called in right now to investigate this drug cartel and arrest the principles who are committing these crimes against the American public.

And yet, the silence is deafening. This drug racket runs so deeply through private industry, the popular press, and the federal government that it's almost too big to find any investigative body willing to touch it. It's like trying to get the Italian police to investigate corruption in the Italian government -- it goes nowhere, because everbody's bought off. In the U.S. medical industry, everybody's bought off, too: most doctors, most publishers and broadcast networks, and the FDA.

That's how we've ended up where we are today: a society that blindly accepts and follows the advice of a group of nine people who say everybody's cholesterol should be reduced, and who are simultaneously taking money from the very drug companies that will benefit the most from that advice. Can the racket be any more obvious, folks? This is a blatant health scam, and they're getting away with it!


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