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Twitter bans QAnon accounts while allowing terrorists and pedophiles on their platform


“In line with this approach, this week we are taking further action on so-called ‘QAnon’ activity across the service,” it added. ... While Twitter gets rid of QAnon accounts, they are allowing terrorists and pedophiles to network on the platform. "...

Discover the latest on QAnon, the Deep State, Tommy Robinson, and more at Brighteon.com


Discover the latest on QAnon, the Deep State, Tommy Robinson, and more at Brighteon.com Monday, July 30, 2018 by: Ethan Huff civil rights , civil war , Critical Disclosure , CriticalDisclosure.com , deep state , Donald Trump , James Wesley Rawles , James White , President Trump , priority , QAnon , Real Video , shadow government , Survival Blog , SurvivalBlog.com , Tommy Robinson , Trump - (Natural News ) In case you haven’t noticed, our world is in a state of serious turmoil – ...

QAnon supporter dies after being denied basic rights in the hospital; doctors accused of medical murder


The campaign led to the hospital receiving hundreds of calls for QAnon supporters, some of whom threatened the use of violence. ... A blue wristband that said “stormisuponus” was also left on the bridge as a reference to QAnon. "...

Democrat Tom Malinowski lobbied for sex predators, now trying to silence QAnon from exposing pedophiles


Is Malinowski a child sex predator, hence his hatred for QAnon? Malinowski even went so far as to suggest that people who follow QAnon are domestic terrorists, citing claims made by the Combating Terrorism Center at the West Point Military Academy that “QAnon is arguably no longer simply a fringe conspiracy theory but an ideology that has demonstrated its capacity to radicalize violent individuals at an alarming speed.” ... “It’s time for us to come together across party ...

Twitter bans thousands Of QAnon accounts, ignores physical threats, dangerous terrorists groups, and pedophilic content


Anyone retweeting content linked to QAnon can be banned. Anyone sharing links that are supportive of the QAnon movement can be banned. ... Whether or not you support the QAnon movement really doesn’t matter. Today it’s QAnon, tomorrow it will be Conservatives, Christians, Pro-Trumpers, or Pro-Lifers. "...

A study shows VERY FEW Capitol Hill rioters were QAnon red-staters with ties to 'right-wing' groups


A study shows VERY FEW Capitol Hill rioters were QAnon red-staters with ties to ‘right-wing’ groups Wednesday, March 17, 2021 by: News Editors 2020 elections , Capitol riot , conspiracy , democrats , election fraud , elections , government , politics , QAnon , real investigations , right-wing , riots , truth , vote fraud Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/504506.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) A survey by the University of Chicago finds that most ...

Facebook bans all QAnon accounts for promoting "militarized social movements" ... but Q isn't militarized at all


We wonder what Zuckerberg and his allies are trying to hide by silencing the QAnon. ... Among Republicans, about 41 percent believe that QAnon is doing good things for the country. "...

Left-wing scholar pushes to censor social media accounts opposing child sex trafficking by tying them to QAnon movement


It is hard to determine if this has anything to do with measures put in place by Facebook at this time. > > — Marc-André Argentino (@_MAArgentino) September 23, 2020 > 8/ These groups have driven a fair amount of traffic to these QAnon/ QAnon adjacent videos in July and August. ... Again with QAnon's poor research skills this is draining resources away from real and important tips > > — Marc-André Argentino (@_MAArgentino) September 23, 2020 He posted that he will be working ...

Far-left Antifa thug gets probation and fine on federal charge of using an axe to break into GOP senator's office; 'QAnon Shaman' got 41 months in prison for walking into the U.S. Capitol


Far-left Antifa thug gets probation and fine on federal charge of using an axe to break into GOP senator’s office; ‘QAnon Shaman’ got 41 months in prison for walking into the U.S. ... Sources include: ThePostMillennial.com AntifaWatch.news Previous :Rand Paul verbally backhands Anthony Fauci after Biden health czar claimed his critics are “anti-science” Next : Lunacy: NIH director Francis Collins calls for critics of Anthony Fauci to be “brought to justice” - More news on antifa Far-left ...

AP declares mistreatment of Jan 6th prisoners as a 'conspiracy theory'


The piece also asserts that the so called QAnon Shaman Jacob Chansley was even given organic food after requesting it. "...

AP says government's mistreatment of Jan. 6 prisoners is just a "conspiracy theory"


Klepper’s misinformation piece also claims falsely that the so-called “QAnon Shaman” Jacob Chansley was given organic food after requesting it by jail staff. "...

China already planning the next "civilization-killer" virus but Biden regime is playing nice under belief ChiComs want to "co-exist"


Sources include: GatestoneInstitute.org NationalSecurity.news Previous :Green energy flop is costing Europeans big time: Prices spiking amid shortages as winter’s cold hits - More news on attack China already planning the next “civilization-killer” virus but Biden regime is playing nice under belief ChiComs want to “co-exist” China says it will attack any American forces that come to the defense of Taiwan China thought to be hiding ballistic missiles in shipping containers aboard cargo vessels so ...

It is going down now - blatant election interference by Big Tech and social media giants has kicked into overdrive


Disclaimer: Before getting into this next example, let me say that I have never held much stock in the whole “QAnon” movement, for lack of a better word. ... Call me cynical if you want but the timing of Twitters censorship, so soon after General Flynn’s hat/tip to QAnon, shows yet another way that social media giants are attempting to prevent Trump supporters and/or QAnon believers from communicating, which is outright interference into the 2020 presidential election. ...

The Weimar Republic comes to Nordstrom


Our friends at The Daily Beast have excused this behavior by the feds because Bishop, through a woman for whom she was a campaign manager, has some alleged connection to QAnon, whatever that is. (I say “whatever that is” because I know little of the obviously minuscule QAnon—except for that goofy Chewbacca fellow who got 41 months for marching harmlessly around the Capitol as their “Shaman”—and because the FBI never seems to ram the doors of the obviously far from minuscule, indeed ...

'Q-Anon' bears striking resemblance to Bolshevik psy-op from 1920s known As 'Operation Trust'


(Article by Chris Menahan republished from InformationLiberation.com ) Here’s an except on the “Trust” operation from pages 13-14 of Soviet defector Anatoliy Golitsyn’s book, “New Lies for Old” : The similarities with the Q-Anon “Trust The Plan™” psy-op are remarkable. > One of the more disturbing aspects of the "Qanon" online Trump base pacification hoax is that while it claims to be fighting the "deep state" (permanent security complex) it promotes the rendition of Edward @Snowden and ...

Left wing conspiracy theories go mainstream, all others banned – going down the rabbit hole


A review by The Associated Press found that both platforms have vowed to stop “suggesting” QAnon material to users, a powerful way of introducing QAnon to new people. Facebook will ban any ads supporting QAnon and militarized social movements. One sure way to get banned on social media is to say anything supporting “Q” or “QAnon.” "...

Dumbest "insurrection theater" stunt-of-the-week


Dumbest “insurrection theater” stunt-of-the-week Monday, March 08, 2021 by: News Editors Al Green , capitol , deception , disinfo , Donald Trump , fake news , freedom , insurrection , lies , mainstream media , politics , propaganda , Social media , stunt Bypass censorship by sharing this link: https://www.afinalwarning.com/502103.html Copy URL - (Natural News ) The relentless campaign to demonize supporters of President Trump entered the realm of self-parody this past week, with warnings that the ...

No news is good news: Media willfully ignore Hunter Biden scandal


The rise of QAnon, however, is also partially a result of a media environment where supposedly authoritative sources of information aren’t credible. ... None of this is to say that the mainstream press is responsible for anything QAnon does or says, but the media can still do something about America’s information crisis. "...

Dark new Dem bill uses "counter American intelligence" to wage war on MAGA


Listen to her plea ”: Evidently, “When parents become strangers: How QAnon is tearing families apart ” and “’They’re unrecognizable’: One woman reflects on losing her parents to QAnon ” were such box office blockbusters the industry keeps churning out sequels. ... On the other hand, the full apparatus of the Globalist American Empire mobilizes against those who believe and promote QAnon. "...

Associated Press wants "extremist" podcasts that challenge fraudulent elections to be eliminated


Those who run the AP further claim that continuing to allow these podcasts to exist is directly feeding into the “QAnon conspiracy theory,” as Trump supporters are continuing to use them to “wallow in President Donald Trump’s false claims of a stolen election and bask in other extremism.” ... Citing Anti-Defamation League (ADL) claims that QAnon and “white supremacists” are one and the same, the AP has gone full tyranny in its efforts to stamp out right-wing viewpoints in the age ...