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The FDA and Big Pharma
8/28/2006 | Comments
This is the first comic produced with the joint effort of Dan Berger and myself (Mike Adams). I've been working on creating comic ideas for nearly two years, but didn't have the illustration skills to produce them myself. Through a friend, I hooked up with Dan Berger who, as you can tell, is an extremely talented artist. The result: A political cartoon that brings to life these hard-hitting ideas on health, medicine, the FDA and other similar topics.

This particular cartoon is rather straightforward, and it uses a hard-to-miss convention of the puppet and the puppet master. In this case, the puppet master is Big Pharma, and the puppet, who is gleefully prancing around the stage, is the FDA.

Why the giant cat? When I explained this concept to Dan, I described the Big Pharma CEOs as "fat cats" and he took the image literally!

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