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Honest food labels
8/21/2006 | Comments
Every time I visit a grocery store, I'm always struck by the degree to which food and beverage manufacturers lie about their products through deceptive labels and packaging. In this comic, I decided to show you what a grocery store might really look like if all the food products were honestly labeled.

Each of these product names is based on solid nutritional science, by the way. The "heart disease spread" actually causes heart disease due to its hydrogenated oils (trans fatty acids). The "colon cancer dogs" contain sodium nitrite, a cancer-causing additive used in virtually all processed meat products, including hot dogs. The "obesity pop" actually promotes obesity and diabetes, thanks to its high-fructose corn syrup. And the question mark at the end of the "choose food?" label is, indeed, intentional. Is it really food? And if so, why do they have to add "food" to the product name?

The mom character doing the shopping is confused, as most moms are when trying to shop for more healthful foods at the grocery store. They don't know which food labels to trust, or which health experts to believe. All the while, their kids are screaming for more sugar-coated cereals and candies, all of which help promote mood disorders and ADHD labels that will eventually earn them Ritalin prescriptions.

This comic shows you what I see when I walk into a grocery store. I look at products on the shelf and can instantly tell you what toxic ingredients (or unintentional chemicals) they contain. Most people, however, just see whatever ridiculous health claims the food manufacturers want them to see, and the truth about processed foods remains hidden to them.

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