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Hardened Criminals
8/13/2010 | Comments
This cartoon came to me when considering the bizarre fact that farmers are being arrested all across the country for selling raw milk to their friends and neighbors. Health authorities actually conduct armed raids on raw milk resellers, as witnessed recently at a private food coop in Venice, CA (we'll be reporting more on that story shortly).

So for this cartoon, I decided to stage a scene in a prison cell with all the "hardened criminals" that modern day authorities are arresting: Murderers, con artists, arsonists and raw milk farmers!

What really makes the cartoon funny though (in my opinion) is the reaction of the two rats. "OMG! That's crazy!" And the other rat says, "Should I post it on Facebook?"

See, the idea that Facebook is so ubiquitous in society today that even prison rats have Facebook pages is hilarious. Is there anyone who hasn't signed up on Facebook yet?

Nevertheless, this issue of people being arrested for selling raw milk is no laughing matter: It's yet another example of the tyrannical actions of health authorities who want to sterilize your food through pasteurization, fumigation or irradiation. There's no such thing as a safe "living" food in the eyes of the FDA, you see. Only dead food is "safe" food according to regulators.

But as we know, dead food is extremely unhealthy. Over time, dead food consumption leads to dead people. Hence our current state of degenerative disease across first world nations. So the idea of arresting and locking up the very people selling living foods that could enhance our health seems absurd.

That's the point of these CounterThink cartoons: To capture the absurdities in our modern world and attempt to translate them into a cartoon panel (or two).

If you like this cartoon, by the way, go ahead and share it on Facebook. TwoPrisonRats might be listening…

By the way, you can see the full collection of CounterThink cartoons on www.CounterThink.com where the full archive goes way back to 2006 (when they were just black and white!).

Oh yeah, and check this out: We now have most of our cartoons available in both Spanish and Mandarin Chinese. Click the language tabs on www.CounterThink.com to check those out.

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