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Freedom Flakes

Friday, September 15, 2006 | Read Comments

Freedom Flakes

Ever wonder what the ingredients are in Bush's "freedom" campaign? As it turns out, they're tools of tyranny. But Bush isn't the first national leader to claim he's fighting for freedom while stripping the people of exactly that -- every tyrant in history (Hitler, Stalin, etc.) used the same fear tactics to convince people to give up their rights and freedoms in exchange for the illusion of security.

The only reason Bush has been so successful in his campaign of tyranny is because the American public has no sense of history. Any nation that forgets the lessons of history is doomed the repeat it, and we're seeing that played out in a dramatic way right now as the Bush regime runs roughshod over everything he claims to stand for: the U.S. Constitution, individual freedoms and the American way of life. Astonishingly, about half of the American people are openly supporting this march into fascism, and they're willing to forfeit their own freedoms in order to, they think, achieve "victory" over an enemy that has been created, packaged and sold by the Bush Administration itself (just like a hyped-up box of brand-name cereal).

That's why the Bush Administration had to declare war on a CONCEPT ("terrorism") and not any nation in particular. Of course, the whole war is blatantly illegal in the first place, since the Constitution says only Congress can declare an act of war, and no such declaration has ever taken place. Silly me, there I go citing the Constitution again, as if today's politicians or voters were even familiar with the document.

In this comic, I attempt to describe the "ingredients" of Bush's campaign of tyranny by using the metaphor of a cereal box. I've even included NutraSweet as an ingredient due to the aspartame / Donald Rumsfeld connection you may already be familiar with. If it wasn't for Rummie, aspartame never would have been approved by the FDA in the first place.

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