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9/6/2006 | Comments
Over the last decade or so, the FDA has quietly become an agent of organized scientific fraud designed to promote the profits of drug companies at the expense of public health. One of the ways this is accomplished is by rigging drug review panels with industry "experts" who maintain financial ties to pharmaceutical companies.

All FDA drug review panels have members with such ties, and the FDA insists it has no obligation to disclose the ties. In fact, virtually everyone in conventional medicine insists they are all immune to influence from pharmaceutical companies, even as they act in a manner consistent with extreme influence.

This cartoon seeks to portray the scientific fraud that goes on day to day at the FDA as so-called drug safety review panels are convened to declare dangerous drugs as being perfectly safe. One such panel actually reinstated Vioxx after the FDA's own scientists produced evidence showing the drug likely killed more than 60,000 Americans. Apparently, no drug is too dangerous for FDA approval.

These drug safety review panels are a sham constructed to create the illusion of genuine safety reviews while actually promoting the financial interests of drug companies.

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