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New supplement allows those who suffer from celiac disease to digest gluten

7/28/2015 - Scientists at the University of Alberta have designed a new supplement to allow those who suffer from celiac disease to digest gluten. The supplement, derived from the yolks of chicken eggs, binds with gluten in the stomach in order to absorb the hard to digest gliadin (the difficult proteins that make...

Chronic health issues? It may be time to go against the grain

6/30/2015 - I really hate food labels, food pyramids, the USDA, and the FDA. (Story by Daisy Luther, republished from TheOrganicPrepper.ca) All of the stuff that they say are good for you are bad for you. And the things they say are bad for you are actually good for you. Here's why: of course, it all boils...

How gluten and candida cause leaky gut

5/12/2015 - For many, gluten is difficult or impossible to properly digest. It takes an abundance of healthy bacteria to properly digest gluten. One of the many reasons our ancestors had less of a problem with digesting gluten than we do is that they used to use a probiotic culture that pre-digested the gluten...

Celiac disease in children nearly tripled in two decades as Roundup spraying increased over 300%

2/27/2015 - The missing link behind what causes gluten intolerance and celiac disease, and why prevalence of these two autoimmune conditions has risen dramatically over the past several decades seemingly without cause, may have more to do with how conventional wheat is grown in the U.S. today rather than what it...

Why gluten intolerance and celiac disease is on the rise

11/4/2014 8:07:40 PM - It seems that every few years we hear of another diet fad or food fad. In the last few years gluten is getting all of the attention. How can wheat or other common grains--fixtures of the American diet--be causing such problems? What is gluten? Gluten is the protein found in wheat (including spelt,...

'Gluten-free' finally means gluten-free! FDA announces regulations to enforce label meaning but are consumers really being protected?

8/7/2014 2:36:57 PM - An increasing number of people in the world today are becoming intolerant to gluten, which is a specific protein found in wheat, rye and barley. Sensitivity to the gluten protein now affects roughly 18 million Americans. This growing problem has given rise to an ever-expanding industry of "gluten-free"...

Gluten-free diet improves brain function, intestinal health in celiacs

6/17/2014 5:30:08 PM - A gluten-free diet may improve cognitive function in people with celiac disease, in addition to its previously proven benefits for intestinal health, according to a recent study conducted by Australian researchers and published in the journal Alimentary Pharmacology & Therapeutics. "The study outcomes...

Roundup herbicide linked to celiac disease and gluten intolerance, new study suggests

2/19/2014 5:41:15 PM - A new study has found that the world's best-selling herbicide is linked to the global rise of celiac disease, gluten intolerance and irritable bowel syndrome. According to the U.S. peer-reviewed study, the details of which were published by Dr. Anthony Samsel and Dr. Stephanie Seneff, the rise in...

Antioxidants can help treat children with celiac disease: Research

5/7/2013 - A landmark study, conducted by researchers from the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and published in the journal Clinical Biochemistry in 2009, suggested that treatment with antioxidants may be able to significantly reduce the symptoms of celiac disease. Celiac disease is a serious, incurable condition...

How to test for Celiac Disease and why it's almost always done incorrectly

8/31/2012 - Celiac Disease and gluten seem like new topics even though they are decades old. The problem is that testing for Celiac IS still decades old and that is hurting millions of people. Most doctors are still using blood tests and biopsies, both of which are outdated and inaccurate. First, let's clear...

30 percent of the U.S. population has genes for Celiac Disease

8/27/2012 - "30 percent of the American population has the genes for Celiac Disease" Let's not even superscript the source; that number comes from the National Institutes of Health and the University of Chicago, Celiac Disease Center (12.12.2011). So why is everyone under the impression that Celiac Disease affects...

Eat a gluten-free diet for type 2 diabetes and celiac disease

6/1/2012 - New research finds that almost one in four adolescents in the United States have diabetes or pre-diabetes, according to The New York Times. These are not children with juvenile diabetes but full-on type 2 diabetes. More than 25 million adults already have diabetes and 79 million may have prediabetes,...

Celiac disease linked to infertility

4/25/2012 - For couples who are struggling to get pregnant, discovering the underlying cause of infertility can be a lengthy and frustrating process. In the past, infertility issues were considered a female problem, but today's research shows the causes are pretty evenly split with one third being female reproductive...

Celiac disease and gluten intolerance - Does time heal all wounds?

12/2/2011 - As the saying goes, "time heals all wounds." But what if you have been suffering with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity (GS) for decades and just want to feel better today? Besides a gluten-free diet, is there anything else you can do to enhance the healing process? After receiving a celiac or...

Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance Testing- Accurate or Misleading?

9/5/2011 - Jane G. made an appointment to see me after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis (an autoimmune disease of the thyroid with links to celiac disease) and suffering from years of gastrointestinal issues. I reviewed Jane's medical history and found that not only does she have Hashimoto's and GI...

Gluten then and now

6/24/2011 3:25:09 PM - Over the past decade, the frequency of conversations about gluten intolerance (GI) and celiac disease (CD) in the United States has gone from almost unheard of to commonplace. Chances are your local supermarket sells dozens of items labeled "gluten free" where none existed five years ago. Restaurants...

New Medical Mystery: Celiac Disease Soars, Deaths Quadruple

8/7/2009 - People who have celiac disease can't tolerate gluten, a protein found in wheat, rye, and barley. If they do eat gluten, damage to the small intestine results and interferes with the absorption of nutrients from food. According to the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK),...

Got a Chronic Health Problem: You Just Might Have Celiac Disease

8/1/2009 - It's clear that traditional medicine is not managing the huge problem of chronic illness very well. Every year, the numbers of people that are diagnosed with a chronic health problem are increasing- with little hope of effective treatment in most cases. And doctors who are entrusted to finding an appropriate...

A Call for Earlier Diagnosis of Celiac Disease

12/9/2007 - Alessio Fasano, M.D. is professor of pediatrics, medicine and physiology at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and director of its Center for Celiac Research. He is famous, at least in celiac research circles for asking, back in 1996, "Where have all the American celiacs gone?" Dr. Fasano's...

Is Gluten From Grains Making You Sick?

10/15/2007 - Gluten Intolerance, also known as Celiac Disease, was once thought to be a rare genetic disorder until 2003 when it was discovered that it is, indeed, quite common. Where once gluten intolerance was thought to affect 1 in 4000 people it is now thought to affect 1 in 133 and researchers expect...

Enzyme Could Help Celiac Disease Patients Tolerate Gluten (press release)

8/31/2006 - Patients with celiac disease have to carefully monitor their diet to avoid consuming gluten, a ubiquitous protein found in whole grains. Now, researchers say a newly discovered enzyme may prevent an allergic reaction in celiac patients who have accidentally consumed gluten. Gluten causes an inflammatory...

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