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Medicine From Fish: How to reverse disease with therapeutic protein

A NaturalNews Special Report by Mike Adams

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Protein deficiency caused by poor absorption
3. Protein assimilation and premature aging
4. The healing properties of amino acids
5. How to heal your gut with quality digestible proteins
6. Quality protein: The Foundation Formula
7. What's wrong with popular protein products
8. Why healthy digestion is the cornerstone of good health
9. The second brain
10. Why conventional medicine fails
11. Who benefits from Foundation Formula?
12. Healing cancer, slowing aging
13. Healing childrens' health
14. Reviving liver function
15. Holistic healing with nutrition

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Protein assimilation and premature aging

Mike: We see the aging process accelerating in many people.

Tom: Absolutely. You look at our senior citizens, and you wonder why their appetites and their diets start to deteriorate, but it is because their digestive functions start to deteriorate and they are unable to digest, absorb, and assimilate protein. Then they start to waste away.

Mike: Often we jump to the conclusion that, "Oh, that is just aging," but in fact it is not aging. We are watching a degeneration process.

Tom: That is right.

Mike: That could be avoided or slowed at least, right?

Tom: At least slowed, yes. I think depending on how early the onset of aging is, it can be reversed for people dealing with chronic issues. I will tell you what I learned from the critical care research that is very intriguing -- now well known -- and defining in the work that I am doing. The various feeding formulas that are available from the pharmaceutical companies for enteral feeding -- tube feeding in their stomach-type situations -- in critical care, in the research in that area, compare the relative value of intact protein formulas, three-amino acid formulas, and what are referred to as peptide formulas. So in a feeding formula that is made with fish protein, milk protein or egg protein, those proteins are in their full couple-hundred amino acid links that have to be further digested to be utilized by the body.

Then, you have amino acid-based formulas in which they use various chemical methods to synthetically reproduce individual amino acids, and they are blended and put into a feeding formula. The other type, the third type of formulation, is peptide based.

Therapeutic peptides have specific biological activity

Tom: Now let us define peptide for a minute, because it is truly a poorly defined term. If you take an intact protein and break it in half, you have two peptides. Those long chain peptides must be further digested by the body in order for them to have any application in the body.

Depending on when a doctor got his medical training, he was probably taught that the body digests all protein down to amino acids, that amino acids are the only thing that cross the gut barrier, and that they are reformed into the hormones, enzymes, and tissue repair agents that protein is utilized for in the body.

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