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Medicine From Fish: How to reverse disease with therapeutic protein

A NaturalNews Special Report by Mike Adams

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Protein deficiency caused by poor absorption
3. Protein assimilation and premature aging
4. The healing properties of amino acids
5. How to heal your gut with quality digestible proteins
6. Quality protein: The Foundation Formula
7. What's wrong with popular protein products
8. Why healthy digestion is the cornerstone of good health
9. The second brain
10. Why conventional medicine fails
11. Who benefits from Foundation Formula?
12. Healing cancer, slowing aging
13. Healing childrens' health
14. Reviving liver function
15. Holistic healing with nutrition

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Healing childrens' health

Mike: Now, what about children? Children have very high protein requirements during their growth phase. They typically do not eat that well in Western Culture today.

Tom: As I suggested, our specific area of work so far has been with migraines, and we see very nice results with these products in kids who are suffering the onset of migraine headache issues. In our world, that is all related to their digestion absorption issues. As is ADHD, and so everything is interconnected.

This was the huge light bulb moment for me when I first got involved in this industry as a lay person like you. One of the first things that hit me as I was going to various alternative doctor conventions all over the country is that the naturopaths would say this, and the chiropractors would say that, and there was no guiding philosophy. There was no way to understand what works and what does not and why. That, I think, is the big challenge for most lay people. We all have a sense that there is something good about natural medicine, but we are not sure what. When we turn to the book store, the Internet, and the health food store to learn, more often what we get is overwhelming and confusing. With the exception of folks with good websites like your own that really give people the direction they need.

What I learned from the doctors who have inspired me is this whole concept that the things that work are going to be the things that help the body work better. My initial reaction to that approach was, "Well, that kind of makes sense." It speaks to my intuitive knowledge of how the body works. It almost even seems a little too simplistic. I will tell you this: I have come to honor the wisdom of simplicity. I am just a huge believer that what we have to do is address the foundational needs of the body, whether it is in a child, in a stressed-out single mom, a high-powered executive, or a senior citizen. The underlying dysfunction that leads to the breakdown of the balancing and counter-balancing mechanisms of the body and lead to symptoms of any particular disease can only be countered by getting the body to work better.

Mike: That also alludes to the very important point that the body already knows how to heal itself. It just needs the environment, the raw materials, the energy; it needs to be able to get rid of waste. It just needs these basic things.

People ask me, "Why do you drink pomegranate juice? There is no scientific evidence that it does anything." And I say, "I do not need something written on paper, because the pomegranate juice is naturally utilized by my body in a healing way, regardless of whether or not I intellectually know the formula." You do not have to know it intellectually to benefit from it. Your body heals itself on its own.

Tom: That is exactly right. A lot of people say the body can heal itself. I like to take it a step farther and say not only is the body capable of healing itself but in every minute of every day, it is constantly trying to achieve health and vitality. That is an important thing to remember, because what that speaks to is that a little bit of the right thing can help it move in the right direction and stimulate remarkable results.

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