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What doctors are really thinking

Monday, November 27, 2006 | Read Comments

What doctors are really thinking

You ever wonder what doctors are really thinking when they're diagnosing disease? It's rare for a doctor to admit, "I don't know." More often that not, it seems, they just make up some diagnosis using the limited information they have -- and then they make it sound authoritative, as if they're sure of the diagnosis. (Part of the reason for this is due to medical malpractice law. Doctors are taught to never speak in uncertain terms, even when they're uncertain.)

Once a disease declaration occurs, you're in for a world of hurt, because then the doctor will act on a human behavioral phenomenon called "Commitment and Consistency." It means that once a person declares something to another person, their ego is invested in that statement, and they are likely to resist having to change it. Doctors tend to have huge egos, so once a doctor makes a diagnosis like Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, it's almost impossible to get that doctor to change his diagnosis or admit he was wrong.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is one of those catch-all "diseases" that doctors tend to throw around when they don't know what else to call it. But in many cases, it's just the side effects of a statin drug that's making the patient fatigued... or perhaps severe nutritional deficiencies in key minerals, vitamins and nutrients. Or even a viral infection that's running wild and playing havoc with a suppressed immune system.

This comic in no way means to make fun of people who have been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Rather, it intends to show the utter incompetence of conventional physicians in helping those patients. When patients are suffering from fatigue, brain fog or chronic pain, they don't need more dangerous prescription medications ordered by a doctor; what they need is a personal health revolution that gets them away from junk foods and toxic environmental chemicals and onto natural, healthful foods and nutritional supplements that can enhance liver function, immune function and digestive detoxification.

Doctors, of course, don't give that advice. They've never been taught how to actually help a patient heal, they've only been taught how to treat symptoms, dish out medications, and order yet more blood tests to support whatever diagnosis they've come up with.

Not all doctors, though. Increasing numbers of M.D.s are actually learning nutrition and applying it in their practice. Those doctors are to be applauded, for they will not stop with a diagnosis and a drug: they will actually try to help patients make lifestyle changes that prevent or eliminate degenerative disease.

If you can find a doctor like that, stick with them. But if you can't, be wary of any diagnosis containing the word "syndrome" or "disorders." More often than not, these are just fictitious labels slapped onto a pattern of symptoms that doctors can neither understand nor effectively treat.

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