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Rand Paul vs. Mitt Romney
6/14/2012 | Comments

Best Facebook User Submitted Lines:

- "Don't worry, we'll tell em what to say soon enough...from their FEMA cages"

- "Evangelicals don't either but thats ok, this election has already been bought and paid for."

- "Why would they i am a [explicit] douche bag..."

- "Who cares? I sure don't! Someone get me some more grease - my hair is drying out!"

- "What's liberty?"

- "The what?"

- "Don't worry Rand, they don't fully understand controlled opposition."

- "That's okay, most of them are probably middle class peasants and poor underlings, so it doesn't matter what they think anyways. Hahaha I just can't wait to be king."

- "Oh is that right? Well maybe your liberty is quite possibly onto something."

- "Welcome to the club!"

- "Is my hair okay?"

- "Well, at least they won't vote for my opponent."

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