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The Food Terrorists

Friday, October 6, 2006 | Read Comments

The Food Terrorists

When it comes to harming Americans, all the terrorists in the world haven't even come close to the destructive accomplishments of food corporations. Through the use of known cancer-causing additives (sodium nitrite) to brain-damaging chemical sweeteners (aspartame) and endocrine-disrupting flavor enhancers (MSG), the food corporations have harmed and killed far more Americans than all the terrorist actions, murders, accidents and world wars combined.

It's true. Just do the math. Virtually all cases of cancer, heart attacks and stroke -- the top three disease killers in the United States -- are in some way related to toxin-laden, nutritionally devoid foods produced by the food corporations. While smoking is probably the No. 1 factor in causes these diseases, diet is clearly the next most important consideration, and even the World Health Organization says that 70 percent of cancers could be entirely prevented through simple lifestyle changes that start with diet. (And that estimate is quite conservative in my opinion)

In this cartoon, I'm attempting to show that even if terrorists wanted to poison the food supply and kill Americans, they could hardly compete with the track record of our own food corporations who have literally killed tens of millions of American citizens in the last few decades alone. Skeptical? You should be. That's a big claim, so get the facts by reading up on sodium nitrite, hydrogenated oils and aspartame. Or skim the introductory text to my book Grocery Warning to read a shocking overview of all the chemicals that are really in our food. (And they're put there intentionally. This is no accidental poisoning.)

When you're done checking those out, I strongly suggest reading Randall Fitzgerald's eye-opening book, The Hundred-Year Lie. You'll never look at foods or personal care products in the same way again.

In this comic, I don't mean to imply that the food companies are terrorist organizations. They're nothing of the kind. Greedy? Yes. Unethical? Yes. Willing to harm consumers to make a quick buck? Absolutely. But they aren't terrorists, and their mission is focused on generating profits, not fear. They have no political purpose other than to influence and manipulate the regulatory agencies that pretend to govern the food industry (like the USDA).

And yet through the continued use of harmful food additives, chemicals and processing that strips away essential nutrition, food companies have effectively killed far more Americans than any terrorist group. Think about that the next time you consider how much this country is spending on war and how little it's spending on health education.

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