#9) The "Chemical Love Affair" - The most popular lipsticks, lotions, and cosmetics are LOADED with toxic heavy metals and endocrine disruptors
by S.D. Wells
Are you locked into a "chemical love affair?" Are you sharing the "Kiss of Death" with someone today? You don't have to kiss someone to get this kind of sick; you just apply it daily and wait. Learn fast about phthalates and sodium laurel sulfate!

Cancer is has no bias. It is not a bigot or racist. It doesn't discriminate for age, wealth or beauty. Cancer kills half of those it attacks. Cancer attacks one in three people.

Are you wearing cancer now? How does one eat cancer via the skin? Don't eat cancer!

Ladies, what's in your hairspray, nail polishes, scented lotions and perfumes?!

Men, this applies to YOU TOO! What kind of shaving cream are you using? It could contain chemicals that reduce sex hormones or even BLOCK their activity.

Do you use Triclosan, that antibacterial agent that kills your GOOD bacteria too?

Phthalates are linked to infertility. Are you still planning on having any more children?

Go through your bathroom cabinets, your gym bag and your purses and THROW AWAY this chemical love affair, and trade it in for organic. It will help with your organic life, your organic relationships, and your organic longevity.



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