Lt. Col. Daniel Davis says nuclear war is inevitable; U.S. has “no plan” in Ukraine

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Image: Lt. Col. Daniel Davis says nuclear war is inevitable; U.S. has “no plan” in Ukraine

(Natural News) Following the West’s recent decision to send tanks to Ukraine for use against Russia, Army Lt. Col. Daniel L. Davis warned that the provocation, should it result in a NATO invocation of the “mutual defense” clause, will eventually result in nuclear war.

Davis, who spent more than two decades in active service, including deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan, told the independent media that just because tanks are being sent does not mean that Ukraine actually knows how to use them.

“From someone who has done combat operations in tank-on-tank fights; in operations patrolling the East-West border during the Cold War and its potential Soviet invasions; and was the second-in-command of an armored cavalry squadron for the First Armored Division in the mid 2000s in Germany; I can tell you that just having NATO tanks does not equal battlefield success,” Davis told Breitbart News.

“The problem is that what works on video games and on paper – you have to make it work on the ground. And very few people anywhere in the western media or anywhere in the other media, for that matter, understand how combat power is made.”

Many Ukrainian soldiers have never been inside or even seen these kinds of tanks, let alone been trained in how to use them. Simply supplying the equipment is not enough to fight off Russia, especially since Ukraine has no experience in maneuver warfare, according to Davis.

“They have lots of experience in trench-warfare, in static warfare, and in defensive warfare – they’ve actually gotten very good at it and that’s why it’s so hard and taking Russia so long to push Studenok, because they’re actually very good at defending.”


If NATO and the West keep pushing to the limit, Russia will pull the nuclear option

Russia knows it cannot successfully defeat NATO and the West without deploying nuclear weapons, Davis warns. Conventionally speaking, Russia simply lacks the military capacity to get the job done – unless it pulls out the big guns.

“There is zero chance – and I mean zero – not point anything, that Russia could ever militarily defeat NATO in a conventional sense,” Davis said.

“It’s a physical impossibility. They’re just struggling even now to defeat Ukrainians in part of the Donbas, their next-door neighbor, so they certainly couldn’t take on a 30 member NATO military alliance; they know that.”

“So the only way they can defend against NATO, is through nuclear weapons, of course. So if we try to think we’re going to trigger Article 5 and not trigger nuclear war. I mean, we’re just insane and fooling ourselves.”

The United States is doing all the wrong things right now if it wants to avert a nuclear escalation. Flooding Ukraine with tanks and other heavy military equipment with no actual plans at the ready for how to use any of it is a recipe for failure.

“We don’t even know what we want to do,” Davis says about the end goals of the U.S. in this skirmish.

“Imagine if you’re throwing all of this military equipment out there and you don’t even know what you want to accomplish – how are you going to know if this is successful? How can President Biden or anybody in the Pentagon tell the American people whether it’s worth it to send this equipment or whether it’s not? Whether it’s making a difference or not? There’s no criteria!”

It is important to remember that Russia currently holds the largest nuclear stockpile in the world – and if pushed to the limit, Russia will not hold back in launching nukes.

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