Globalist technocrats targeting infants with lab-made breast milk

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Image: Globalist technocrats targeting infants with lab-made breast milk

(Natural News) Globalist technocrats are now targeting infants with their ultra-processed fake food.

According to alternative medicine proponent and osteopathic physician Dr. Joseph Mercola, a lab-made breast milk alternative called Biomilq is already being developed and expected to be ready for the market within the next three to five years. It is made from cultured breast tissue.

He also cited Helaina, a company that aims to create glycoproteins “identical to those found in breast milk.” It can be added to a variety of infant formulas and may also be used in seniors’ nutrition.

Animal-free milk products are expected to hit the shelves between 2023 and 2024, including ice cream made with lab-grown dairy, which will go into Ben & Jerry’s product line.

Mercola further revealed that Big Tech bigwigs are invested in these ventures. Biomilq investors, for example, include Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Masayoshi Son, Jack Ma, Michael Bloomberg and Marc Benioff. (Related: Bill Gates, WEF promoting dangerous GMO foods and fake foods.)

Alan Lewis, government affairs and food and agriculture policy head for Colorado-based health food chain Natural Grocers, discussed synthetic biology – also known as gene-edited (GE) fermentation or precision fermentation products – during the Environmental Health Symposium earlier this year.

As explained by Lewis, the starting ingredients in fermented synthetic biology products are cheap sugars derived from GE corn and soy. All GE crops are grown in environmentally destructive monocultures with taxpayer subsidies and use loads of herbicides such as glyphosate, neonicotinoids and synthetic fertilizers.


The food and agriculture expert further said that E.coli, gene-edited to produce the desired compound through its digestive process, is the most oft-used microorganism in the fermentation process. It also needs to be antibiotic-resistant since it needs to survive the antibiotics used to kill off other undesirable organisms in the vat.

“It’s important to realize that they are creating genetically modified organisms (GMO) that have never existed before, and these organisms and their waste are neither edible nor compostable, and there are unknown risks involved with the unintentional or intentional release of these organisms into the environment,” Lewis pointed out. “They may also result in novel foodborne illnesses. Since antibiotics are used to prevent the growth of undesirable organisms in the ferment, antibiotic-resistant organisms are automatically integrated into the final product.”

Globalists turn whole foods into ultra-processed junk foods

The globalists are taking whole foods and turning them into ultra-processed junk foods, all while trying to convince you that junk food is healthier for you.

“It’s important to realize that all lab-created foods are ultra-processed, and will likely impart the same kind of ill health effects as other ultra-processed foods,” Mercola pointed out in the LifeSiteNews article.

Friends of the Earth (FOE), a grassroots environmental group, released a report in 2018 that posed critical questions about the trend toward synthetic biology.

“Various ‘processing aids’ are employed to make some of these products, including organisms (like genetically engineered bacteria, yeast, and algae) that produce proteins, and chemicals to extract proteins. For example, chemicals like hexane are used to extract components of food, like proteins (from peas, soy, corn, etc.) or compounds (from genetically engineered bacteria) to make xanthan gum. Disclosure of these ingredients is not required,” the report stated.

“Other processing aids (e.g. bacteria, yeast, algae), including those that are genetically engineered to produce proteins, are also not currently required to be disclosed on the package labeling. The lack of transparency makes it difficult to assess the inputs and impact of their use.”

Mercola said the globalist cabal is going to take out conventional farming methods like raising cattle for beef and dairy products to replace them with synthetic, patented reproductions. “The globalist cabal intends to create a one world government, and what better control tool than having everyone completely dependent on the state for all of its food?”

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Watch the video below that talks about billionaire Bill Gates endorsing fake meat.

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