Stupid science: “Racism causes Alzheimer’s” claims the same HHS that says all vaccines are safe and effective

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Image: Stupid science: “Racism causes Alzheimer’s” claims the same HHS that says all vaccines are safe and effective

(Natural News) The Biden regime’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has identified what it says is a major factor contributing to the rise in autism: “entrenched systemic racism.”

In a 2022 update to the agency’s website, HHS argues that people with darker-than-peach skin are more likely to experience brain degradation due to “structural inequities” that supposedly benefit light-skinned people at their expense.

Such inequities include “underinvestment in education systems, less walkable communities, decreased access to nutritious food, barriers to health care access and low quality of care in their communities.”

The implication, of course, is that everyone who is dark-skinned in America lives in a barren land shanty away from sidewalks where nobody in the vicinity cares about them or their health. This, we are told, is why some of them end up developing dementia.

The only way to cure the problem is to take white people’s money away from them and give it all to the non-whites. A white genocide, Biden’s people suggest, would allow for “cultural competence and equity” to deliver better brain health to non-whites.

“This requires that addressing SDOH [social determinants of health], entrenched systemic racism, and other forms of discrimination be prioritized, rather than focusing solely on individual behaviors,” an HHS report on the matter explains. (Related: Brain-damaged transgender HHS Secretary “Rachel” Levine wants babies to get sex changes at taxpayers’ expense.)


Alzheimer’s Association presents actual science showing that Alzheimer’s affects all races roughly equally

Not everyone agrees with the Biden regime’s skin color-based assessment of Alzheimer’s prevalence, however. The Alzheimer’s Association, a non-profit, non-political advocacy group, says that after adjusting for health and socioeconomic risk factors, “no difference in Alzheimer’s prevalence exists.”

Citing actual science, the group says that aging, unhealthy diet, and bad lifestyle are among the top risk factors for dementia – and none of these, you will notice, have anything whatsoever to do with a person’s skin color.

Still, the Biden regime is insistent that white people are causing non-white people to suffer brain degradation due to “generations of structural racism and inequality in health care.”

“It is therefore of critical importance that research, interventions, and infrastructure to address modifiable risk factors for AD / ADRD are culturally responsive and grounded in improving equity by addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH),” Biden’s HHS insists.

“Accordingly, future efforts to reduce the burden of risk factors for AD / ADRD will focus on understanding not only what actions individuals can take to reduce their risks, but also what community and system-level investments are needed to facilitate risk reduction and support healthy aging.”

In the comment section, one person pointed out that all of the problems that plague non-white people, which Biden’s HHS is blaming on white people, are primarily the fault of the former choosing to not get an education, learn a trade, and “otherwise become a valued member of an organization.”

“Stay free of trouble and all the good stuff will follow,” this person added.

Another pointed out that there are already plenty of programs specifically geared towards non-whites – many of these programs openly exclude white people, by the way – that can be used to overcome the socioeconomic problems that Biden’s HHS insists only affect non-white people and cause them to develop Alzheimer’s.

“Just the education part of this shows it’s all bogus,” wrote another. “We spend more than any country per student just to rank in the middle of the pack. Maybe make your kids go to school and actually study. Equity should not even be mentioned. Equal outcomes is a misguided goal as it turns into rewarding the lowest common denominator.”

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