Biden regime says white people are causing Alzheimer’s disease in non-whites because of “racism”

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Image: Biden regime says white people are causing Alzheimer’s disease in non-whites because of “racism”

(Natural News) The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) under fake president Joe Biden claims that the reason why some people with dark skin are becoming demented with brain conditions like Alzheimer’s is because of the “racism” they experience from people with lighter skin.

Outspoken anti-white racist Xavier Becerra along with transgender mutant “Rachel” Levine recently issued an update about Alzheimer’s and dementia in “people of color” that says these diseases are a product of “structural inequities” resulting from racism.

The new “woke” plan by the HHS to address Alzheimer’s disease in “Black, Hispanic, and low-income populations” includes taking more money from white people and giving it to non-white people.

The reason why non-whites are experiencing brain degradation is because of “underinvestment in education systems, less walkable communities, decreased access to nutritious food, barriers to health care access and low quality of care in their communities,” Biden’s HHS insists.

Another way to address Alzheimer’s in darker-skinned people is to focus on “cultural competence and equity.” (Related: During the covid lockdowns, Levine said that attending an orgy was safe as long as all participants wore a mask during sex.)

High blood pressure and diabetes in blacks, Hispanics not caused by bad diet and lifestyle habits – it’s all white people’s fault!

Alzheimer’s is not the only health condition that whites are accused of inflicting on blacks and Hispanics. There is also high blood pressure and diabetes, which are not a product of bad diet and lifestyle habits, we are told.


White people, the Biden regime claims, are inflicting high blood pressure and diabetes on non-white people simply by their existence. The same is true about air pollution, which The Washington Post‘s Isaac Stanley-Becker says is a direct result of white people.

Only blacks and Hispanics are affected by air pollution, according to Stanley-Becker. Somehow, white people are causing the air pollution but are not suffering from it because their bodies are uniquely suited to filter out the damaging particulates, or something.

All of this anti-white rhetoric being spewed by the likes of Stanley-Becker and other privileged globalists is the reason why anti-white hate crimes are on the rise all across the country.

“If the people who come up with this kind of nonsense were gone, 80 percent of the world’s problems would just disappear,” wrote a commenter.

“Blacks disproportionately reside in heavily air-polluted cities because that is where the welfare handouts and diversity privileges are readily available,” suggested another about the air pollution claim.

Someone else pointed out that public schools in Washington, D.C., which is mostly African-American, receive more money per pupil than any other area of the country. Does that mean that they are “privileged?”

“Blacks get far more advantageous student loans,” wrote another. “They get Affirmative Discrimination which steals student seats and jobs from Whites with better grades. Blacks in the U.S. are the most privileged racial group in the world.”

“Black women have twice the purchasing power of Black men because through Affirmative Discrimination they are given public jobs. The employers are forced to hire women and Blacks, so they hire Black women so they don’t have to deal with the men. These women have better access to health care than many Whites, and their health is still bad.”

This same commenter also pointed to the Wikipedia entry about Levine, which clearly indicates that “she” only cares about homosexuals and non-Whites, which makes sense in light of the new HHS guidance issued by the Biden regime.

“There are more poor white people in America than all black people combined, rich and poor,” wrote another.

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