Juliet Valdez: 56-year-old Philippines teacher dead 12 weeks after second Sinovac injection as country mandates “vaccines” for all workers

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Image: Juliet Valdez: 56-year-old Philippines teacher dead 12 weeks after second Sinovac injection as country mandates “vaccines” for all workers

(Natural News) A 56-year-old highly-respected math teacher and mother is dead as Filipinos face the most precarious forced vaxx campaign in the world.

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Ms. Juliet Valdez received her first Sinovac Coronavac “inactivated virus” injection on August 11, according to her Facebook page.

Note that Coronovac is one of 11 experimental injections authorized for emergency use in the Philippines. It is one of only two countries (Indonesia) currently using the Novovax injections, which is yet another reason to keep a close eye on the Philippines.

Coronovac allegedly uses dead SARS-CoV-2 virus, but keeps the spike proteins intact. Further a German journalist and Christian pastor, Samuel Eckert, has offered a $1.5 million reward for a virologist to “provide scientific evidence of the existence of SARS-CoV-2” using the postulates criteria of Nobel Prize winner (1905) Dr. Robert Koch. Nobody has claimed the reward.

Ms. Valdez received her second Coronavac injection on September 8. About 90% of the comments were a combination of “congratulations” and “stay safe.”

Death and aftermath

The Philippines is 80% Catholic and over 90% Christian overall. It is one of only two Asian countries that is predominately Christian. Ms. Valdez’s Facebook timeline reflects this phenomenon, as nearly all of her posts after the second injection invoke God.

There isn’t much public information as to what happened to Ms. Valdez. Her last Facebook post came on November 27 at her First Sunday of Advent church service.


Ms. Valdez typically posted on Facebook 2-3 times per week. Thus it was a bit unusual for her to disappear after November 27. From all accounts, she passed away on or around December 6.

But her son used language that is all too familiar in describing her death. He wrote that his mother “suddenly left us.”

Funeral services commence on December 10 and end on December 15 with her burial.

Scary times in the Philippines

Australia gets most of the press for being the most dystopian country in the world as it relates to COVID-19. But the Philippines isn’t far behind.

A “vaccine” mandate went into effect for all workers on December 1. As of today, only 36% to 41% of Filipinos are fully vaccinated (meaning two injections) depending on which source you believe. The mandate went into effect despite millions of Filipinos having no access to the injections, even if they truly wanted them.

Those who are non-vaccinated must pay for their own antigen or PCR tests, which cost anywhere from $40 to $100 each. The average monthly salary in the country is 13,000 Philippine pesos, or about $258. Harry Roque, Jr., the spokesperson for President Rodrigo Duterte, said on November 12 (before he left office three days later) that the mandate will only be enforced in areas with ample supplies of the injections. Duterte has also indicated that he wants all non-vaxxed people locked down indefinitely.

These “sudden” Filipino deaths are happening quite often. Ms. Venice Gabad-Dizon of Bacoor, Cavite (Philippines) posted “all is calm, all is bright” on Facebook on December 5.

She died less than 18 hours later.

Ms. Gabad-Dizon, 26, received at least one Pfizer injection back in June.

We focus a lot on the Western world at The COVID Blog. But it’s important to keep up with what’s happening in Asia, particularly since nearly all said countries use the Chinese (Sinopharm/Sinovac) injections that Americans know very little about. Again, nobody knows what’s in those shots since there’s no definitive proof of a virus to be “inactivated” as the primary ingredient. But it must be pretty bad. China is literally holding people down and injecting them against their wills.

Filipinos were very sweet and nice to this blogger when he visited there a few years ago. Same with Australians from Perth to Melbourne. That’s probably why those two countries are covered more frequently here than others. But The Great Reset is global and every human being is in the cross hairs. Western humanity is already two-thirds GMO. Asia and Africa are really the last bastions of pure humanity. But based on what dictator scum like Duterte has planned, that won’t last long in the Philippines.

Stay vigilant and protect your friends and loved ones.

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