Illinois lawmaker proposes bill to forcefully strip insurance coverage from unvaccinated people, make them pay higher prices

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Image: Illinois lawmaker proposes bill to forcefully strip insurance coverage from unvaccinated people, make them pay higher prices

(Natural News) The same political party that wants “free healthcare for all” is the same political party that wants to refuse insurance coverage and medical care for people who do not comply with endless, discriminatory vaccine mandates. An Illinois State Representative, a Democrat named Jonathan Carroll, drafted a bill that forcefully strips insurance coverage from unvaccinated people and makes them pay higher prices for the same medical care that vaccinated people receive.

His bill states, “a person who is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and choose not to be vaccinated shall pay for health care expenses out-of-pocket if the person becomes hospitalized because of COVID-19 symptoms.” Even though the vaccinated are routinely hospitalized with COVID and other vaccine injuries, they will receive preferential treatment and pay less under the Democrat’s new plan.

Illinois Democrats plan to discriminate, strip people of their insurance coverage, charge higher prices

Illinois Senate Republican Dan McConchie was one of the first to stand up against Carroll’s discriminatory proposal, saying it’s “taking health care away from Illinoisans.”

The discriminatory bill would dictate private health insurance contracts, stripping coverage for “a group or individual policy of accident and health insurance that is amended, delivered, issued, or renewed on or after January 1, 2023.” In order to accurately discriminate against the people of the state, the oligarchs in charge would need to also implement a state-wide vaccine registry that tracks the number of COVID vaccines a person receives and compares that to the total number of doses that are mandated at the time. Under H.R.550 – Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021, a vaccine registry is proposed for the entire country.


Since the symptom list for COVID-19 is vague and non-specific, anyone who is unvaccinated or anyone who is not up-to-date with all the “required” boosters, could be discriminated against for any number of infections that elicit similar symptoms to COVID-19. There are hundreds of respiratory illnesses that could be confused as COVID-19, and the unvaccinated and under-vaccinated would be punished for any number of medical reasons that have nothing to do with COVID-19. Of course, the final determination of care and the price would be based on fraudulent PCR tests and non-specific diagnostic criteria imposed by the corrupt medical system.

What if the vaccine-compliant were charged higher prices for their vaccine injuries and COVID symptoms?

“I think it’s time that we say, ‘You choose not to get vaccinated, then you’re also going to assume the risk that if you do catch COVID, and you get sick, the responsibility is on you,’” Carroll told the Chicago Sun-Times. This same sordid reasoning and derogatory rhetoric could be applied to restrict any and all medical care/insurance coverage.

It doesn’t matter how good anyone’s health insurance coverage is now; the people of Illinois may soon be forced to pay 100% out-of-pocket for any medical issue related to COVID-19. And this discriminatory bill is just the beginning. If Democrats get their way, they will make even more intrusive rules that take all insurance and medical care away from the unvaccinated.

If the same crooked standards were equally applied to everyone who takes the vaccines, then why should insurance pay for their hospital visits when they have an adverse reaction to the vaccine? Why should the vaccinated be reimbursed when they come down with a severe case of COVID-19, post-vaccination? Hundreds of thousands of adverse events have already been reported in less than a year, and the vaccine has failed to stop people from getting COVID. Should these medical issues be covered by insurance at all, if the vaccines are supposed to keep them safe? Shouldn’t they be forced to pay a higher price?

Of course, discrimination is not the answer. This is why Illinois Democrat Jonathan Carroll should be investigated for trying to profile and punish people based on their private medical decisions. He should also be investigated for trying to forcibly charge certain people higher prices for COVID-19 treatments and for interfering with their private insurance contracts.

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