Biden’s Build Back Better Plan will fund Mexican cartels so they can smuggle more foreign children into US

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Image: Biden’s Build Back Better Plan will fund Mexican cartels so they can smuggle more foreign children into US

(Natural News) Mexican cartels will gain access to taxpayers’ money as they smuggle more foreign children into American schools, neighborhoods and places of employment if the Biden administration is able to push through with its $1.75 trillion Build Back Better (BBB) Plan.

Republican Party sources said the plan offers up to $3,600 annually to each guardian of the children. Neil Munro of Breitbart noted that this includes ”imported children who have no Social Security number.”

There is also a tax credit provision for illegal aliens who give birth to children in the U.S., according to former Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan.

In an interview with, Morgan stated: “Think about that: You can illegally enter our borders as a family, and then you’re going to be rewarded by being paid to have your kid here illegally. This is going to act as an incentive for more illegal immigration negatively impacting our border security and impacting every aspect of our nation’s public health safety and national security.”

The Democrats’ handout to foreign parents of foreign children will likely fall under the Senate’s special rules for debate over the “reconciliation bill,” a source told Breitbart News. (Related: Illegal immigration skyrockets under Biden to third-highest level in 97 years.)

“I think the Social Security Number provision is not going to be voted out [by the Parliamentarian], so it is going to be a really salient point for another month,” the source continued.


According to the source, the new giveaway will exacerbate the problems created by the 2008 update to the Victims of Trafficking and Violence Protection Act of 2000. This act, which granted special protections to children, was unanimously passed by Congress.

However, cartels have exploited this act to engage in lucrative child-trafficking operations, which generally consists of them delivering children to their illegal alien parents residing in the United States. In addition, cartels use this act’s flaws to provide young laborers to labor traffickers across the country.

Since 2008, the law has been used to transport over 350,000 “unaccompanied alien children” stateside, the majority being young men who are looking for employment.

Charter flights used to resettle illegal children in New York

According to the New York Post, charter flights are being used to resettle illegal children in the suburban areas of New York since at least August.

Apparently, the charter flights originate in Texas, where border integrity has all but broken down, allowing scores of illegals to wade over the Rio Grande without much consequence.

Many of these illegals are then assumed to be minor children and transported by charter flights to several locations far away from the southern border.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was no longer able to obfuscate the issue when a reporter recently called out the administration’s shenanigans in a recent press conference, citing the highly unusual hours of the night that these operations were conducted.

Flashing a video clip, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy asked White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki why these operations were being conducted in the middle of the night instead of broad daylight.

Psaki attempted to brush off the unusual circumstance by postulating that it might seem to be an unusual hour to fly for Doocy, but the Biden administration is committed and obligated to take care of the logistics of resettling the illegal children until such a time when their parents or a “vetted sponsor” can be identified.

What constitutes vetted remains uncertain, as with most of the administration’s policies.

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