Alex Jones pushes back on Jan. 6 Committee subpoena; says it’s part of a global push to destroy what liberty remains

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Image: Alex Jones pushes back on Jan. 6 Committee subpoena; says it’s part of a global push to destroy what liberty remains

(Natural News) Infowars founder and popular conservative talk show host Alex Jones ripped the House Select Committee on January 6, which is charged with ‘investigating’ the ‘origins’ of the Capitol riot earlier this year, as nothing more than the latest attempt by the globalist deep state to silence and punish dissent.

The committee has issued subpoenas primarily for former members of President Donald Trump’s administration as well as many people in his orbit, which proves in and of itself that the panel is not interested in anything but going after the former president’s people and punishing them for daring to want to serve with him.

As for the others like Jones and Roger Stone, both of whom were issued subpoenas by the committee on Monday, the objective is to take punitive action against them simply for supporting his ‘America First’ agenda.

NBC News noted in a Monday report:

Federal authorities investigating the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot are looking into whether high-profile allies of former President Donald Trump, including Roger Stone and Alex Jones, played any role in organizing the violence, a law enforcement source with knowledge of the inquiry said Saturday.

The Washington Post first reported that the possible roles of Stone, Jones and Ali Alexander, organizer of the “Stop the Steal” rally, were being investigated.

The law enforcement source said that charges were unlikely but that investigators want to get a broad understanding of any possible instigators.

Got that? “Charges were unlikely,” meaning that all this is, in reality, is congressional harassment — to tar Jones’ name (and that of Stone, who once worked for Infowars) and smear his reputation in the media so that from here on out he can be linked to the riots even though he didn’t do anything that day that was illegal or unconstitutional.


“When people hear the name ‘Alex Jones,’ they think we’re talking about an insurrectionist criminal when I am the opposite,” the talk host said in a video posted to his site. “So I’ve known that this has been coming [for] the last six or eight months.

“There’s been a lot of major harassment behind the scenes and just terrible things done to my cellphone and my family, so that really made me pray,” Jones continued, saying he asked God what to do “because I’m not gonna back down.”

“What is the peaceful secret weapon to defeat this? And out of the blue, I got contacted by different individuals, different organizations, different people that really had insight into all this and literally said, ‘The answer’s what you talk about on-air,'” Jones continued.

He went on to mention, which he says is the “answer to defeating all of this peacefully.” The site is currently under development and asks visitors to enter their email addresses to be notified when it launches.

“I feel good knowing whatever happens to me or my organization and my brave crew that the organizations and groups I’ve worked with separately from Infowars are gonna take Resetwars and the information in this six-plus hour course and they’re gonna get it to the world,” he added.

As for the subpoenas, “the committee is looking at Stone, a longtime adviser to Trump, and Jones…in connection with a rally held near the Capitol shortly before a pro-Trump mob stormed the building in early January,” NBC News reported.

“We need to know who organized, planned, paid for, and received funds related to those events, as well as what communications organizers had with officials in the White House and Congress,” the committee’s chair, Rep. Bennie Thompson, D-Miss., said in a statement Monday.

“We believe the witnesses we subpoenaed today have relevant information and we expect them to cooperate fully with our effort to get answers for the American people about the violence of January 6th.”

Keep in mind that as of now (and certainly on Jan. 6), the First Amendment still protects Americans’ right to protest peacefully, which is what 99.99 percent of those who came to Washington, D.C., that day to hear Trump speak did.

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