Idaho legislators advance bill to expand compensation benefits for workers injured by covid “vaccines”

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Image: Idaho legislators advance bill to expand compensation benefits for workers injured by covid “vaccines”

(Natural News) A bill that would make it easier for residents of Idaho to get worker compensation in the event of an injury caused by Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” is sailing through the state legislature.

In a 67-3 vote, the Idaho House of Representatives approved the legislation, which is among seven Chinese Virus-related bills that the chamber has been trying to expedite to the state Senate.

Supporters of the legislation say that workers all across the Gem State are getting sick after taking the jabs. And many of them say they are having problems receiving compensation for their injuries.

According to the Associated Press (AP), this particular bill “tilts the field” toward employees, paving for them an easier path to receive financial compensation for illnesses caused not just by Fauci Flu shots but also other “mandatory” vaccines.

“If the employer is telling you, you have to do this in order to work here, if they’re doing that, then, by golly, I think our system ought to provide a fair compensation method,” announced Democratic Rep. John Gannon.

Opponents of the bill claim that Idaho’s existing worker compensation laws have worked well for decades and that vaccine-injured employees already have a way of receiving adequate compensation.

Idaho politicians push for more vaccine freedom, less discrimination

Another bill headed to the Idaho Senate would prohibit employers from questioning the sincerity of employees who seek a religious exemption from mandatory vaccination.

This bill was passed in a vote of 46-24 despite “concerns” by some legislators that it makes it easier for non-religious people to simply claim that they adhere to a faith that prevents them from getting injected.


“By attempting to elevate those things to the level of religiosity, you don’t elevate them at all,” said Republican Rep. Greg Chaney in a bizarre statement. “You lower the sacredness of what it means to claim a religious exemption. What it means to have a sincerely held faith.”

Another bill passed by the Idaho House in a 42-28 vote creates a new system of exemptions for mask mandates in schools. Parents rather than school boards would be allowed to decide whether or not their children have to wear a mask for eight hours a day.

Yet another bill that passed the Idaho House in a 48-22 vote would prevent employers from discriminating against employees based on their vaccine status as a whole.

Three additional bills on related issues also passed with flying colors, one of which bar employers from asking employees about whether or not they have received Chinese Virus injections. Another prohibits state-owned public venues from ever requiring proof of injection in order to enter.

Another landmark bill passed in a 43-24 vote adds medical, religious, philosophical and natural immunity exemptions for employees to evade vaccine requirements by employers. This bill applies to all injections, not just those for Chinese Germs.

“We need these four powerful exemptions to protect our Idaho employees,” stated Republican Rep. Gayann DeMordaunt, the latter bill’s sponsor.

Idaho is also involved in three separate lawsuits against the Biden regime over these requirements. One of them deals with the Biden order that all employers with more than 100 employees require that workers either take the demanded covid injections or be punished with weekly testing protocols.

“Idaho lawmakers started meeting on Monday in what is essentially a continuation of the 2021 legislative session after more than five months off,” reported the AP.

“The House never adjourned, though the Senate did. The Idaho attorney general’s office has said reconvening was probably legal, but a court could rule otherwise. If that happens, the laws they are passing would not be valid.”

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