Top 7 LIES Covid-vaccinated people tell, whether they know it or not

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Image: Top 7 LIES Covid-vaccinated people tell, whether they know it or not

(Natural News) Americans go to work, talk to people, and explain what they “know” about the pandemic, from what they’ve heard on the mainstream news. Some people are experts and repeat exactly what they heard or read on the mainstream news. Others are seasoned practitioners because they specialize in some specific medical field, and they can even explain, in great detail, how the masks and vaccines are safe and effective.

Yet, taking a look at the advertising on television and on allopathic websites we see exactly who is funding this “expert” insight, and it’s all pharma scripted cover for sick-care medicine. This time around, we’re talking about bacterial infections of the mouth and viral infections of the lungs, and no matter what you die from, including the clot shots, it’s labeled death by “Covid.”

For the past 50 years, the vaccine industry slogan has been the same for every single vaccine: It’s always “95% effective” and “100% safe”

Since the 1960s, most Americans have been conned and hoodwinked into believing every vaccine is safe and effective. From polio to measles, from HPV to Covid, hundreds of millions of people have been injured, maimed for life and killed by experimental, dangerous vaccinations, and it’s all been covered up by the media, the FDA and the CDC. People don’t want to believe that the regulatory agencies and the famous doctors (actors) on television could possibly be lying and promoting medicine to their countrymen (men, women and children) that causes autism, cancer and blood clots. How could it possibly be?


Most conversations that pro-vaccination people are having right now rely solely on news that is scripted by the companies that make the toxic medical products and invest in the costly diagnostic equipment. That’s why cancer, diabetes and obesity are so prominent in America, because the mainstream doctors don’t really try to fix anything; they only treat the symptoms. Now they’re treating fear.

The pandemic is fear-based, and the clot shots are the nails in the coffin of Covid. Still, the Covid-vaccinated are so brainwashed that they are walking around still wearing their masks, still succumbing to more shots, still believing they’re all safe from Covid if they huddle together, still watching the nightly news on TV, still scrolling on the smart device to WebMD, and still reading the fiction newspaper, from front to back, every morning.

The “fully vaccinated” are throwing parties with each other, while masked, while Fauci declares the vaccines don’t work at all anymore

Did your efficacy wane? Aren’t you watching the news? You’ll need a new gene therapy jab every 4 months for the rest of your shortened life. Plus, the Covid vaccines never did stop transmission, as the CDC confessed. The China Flu jabs never did stop anyone from catching Covid, as the FDA admitted. The clot shots stop providing any type of protection against Covid after a few months, as Fauci just divulged.

Maybe it’s time to think twice about another scripted lie that’s been perpetuated by the media, the CDC and every Covid-vaccinated person in this country, and that’s the one about the Covid vaccines saving you from a “bad case” of Covid. Where’s any scientific proof of that?

The masks breed bacterial infections in the mouth, throat and lungs. The vaccines cause microscopic blood clots that cause hyper-inflammation, myocarditis, prion diseases and many doctors say, eventually cancer. Social distancing never worked. And that brings us to the top 7 lies vaccinated people tell each other and themselves so they’ll feel all safe and cozy, or at least subside all that media-influenced anxiety and fear for a little while.

LIE #1. “Covid-vaccinated people are safer around each other because they aren’t carrying and spreading the disease anymore.”

LIE #2. “If you’re vaccinated for Covid and still catch it, you won’t get as bad of a case of it.”

LIE #3. “The Covid vaccine ingredients stay at the site of injection, that’s why it can get swollen and hurt a little.”

LIE #4. “Booster shots will boost your immunity and make it stronger, more able to fight off new Covid variants.”

LIE #5. “Breakthrough Covid cases in vaccinated people are all caused by unvaccinated people.”

LIE #6. “If everyone would just get the shots, the pandemic would end.”

LIE #7. “The Covid shots are safe and effective or the FDA and CDC would not have approved them.”

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