E.U. refusing to disclose secret Big Pharma contract deals covering covid jabs

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Image: E.U. refusing to disclose secret Big Pharma contract deals covering covid jabs

(Natural News) A group of concerned parliamentarians in Europe is putting on blast the highly corrupt European Commission for allowing the pharmaceutical industry to “run roughshod over democracy.”

In order to supposedly “protect the health of their constituents” from the plandemic, European Union (E.U.) leaders in Brussels purchased millions of batches of Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” from various drug companies without any oversight by actual lawmakers.

In fact, the people Europeans elected to represent them were kept out of the deals entirely. Only the Commission, which is not elected, knew what was contained in the secret contracts that were signed with Big Pharma.

According to RT, entire pages of these documents – of the few that have actually been released, anyway – are heavily redacted. Someone does not want the general public knowing what was done under the cover of darkness, in other words.

Numerous European leaders, including Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes, are not okay with this and want answers. Joining several others who see things like he does, Terhes spoke at a recent press conference expressing serious concerns about the situation.

As of November 3, all members of Parliament must show a digital “green pass” in order to enter the building. This is a problem for many reasons, not the least of which is the fact that lawmakers are being denied access about the jabs and the procedures used to bring them into Europe.

Terhes vows to restore freedom back to Europe

As far back as January, Terhes revealed, E.U. lawmakers were demanding “full access to the contracts signed between these companies that produce the vaccines and the European Union.”


Time and time again, these representatives of the people were given the runaround by Brussels, which to this day refuses to be transparent about how this all came to be.

Quoting from a Euractiv article, Terhes, who represents the Christian-Democratic National Peasants Party, explained that the contract signed between pharmaceutical giant CureVac and the European Commission last November “was made available to MEPs [on Jan. 12, 2021] in a redacted format after the company agreed to open the contract up to scrutiny.”

Without knowing what is in these contracts, there is no way to scrutinize whether each was done appropriately and with the best interests of the people in mind. (RELATED: Bill Gates and other eugenicist billionaires are making the big bucks thanks to these types of shady deals.)

Terhes added that Brussels is “imposing a medical product on European citizens without them knowing what’s in these contracts.” Even a “third-rate lawyer,” RT added, would strike something like this down in a heartbeat.

Worse yet, even the E.U. members of Parliament were kept out of the loop. Only a select few at the very top had any involvement in scheming these contracts and forcing them into “law.”

As for which parts of the contracts were most redacted, an analysis conducted by Euractiv found that “4.22% of the liability section and 15.38% of the indemnification section was found to be redacted, while 0% of the section on the processing of personal data was redacted.”

A whopping 61 percent of the contract’s annexes, which contain the “nitty-gritty details of the agreement,” were also blacked out in the versions provided to lawmakers like Terhes. All in all, about 24 percent of the contract could not be seen because it was heavily censored.

“E.U. citizens’ rights are severely violated by the Digital Certificate,” tweeted Terhes, outraged over all of this. “We will fight for your right to freedom, which has to be restored in the E.U.!”

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