UK’s Online Safety Bill looks to prosecute people for thought crimes, threatens to jail people who speak about vaccine injury

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Image: UK’s Online Safety Bill looks to prosecute people for thought crimes, threatens to jail people who speak about vaccine injury

(Natural News) The United Kingdom (UK) is preparing to establish a legal framework that would surveil online communications and punish people for thought crimes. Under the new rules, social media companies could use their algorithms to eliminate certain narratives and target the individuals behind them. This bill allows content moderators to criminalize the spread of truthful information that exposes real-life crimes and conspiracies.

The Online Safety Bill will police social media posts and private messages to ensure that the information coincides with the government’s narrative of propaganda and force. The proposed legislation uses surveillance and censorship “to combat abuse and hatred on the internet” and provides for prosecution against people who would dare speak out of line with official government narratives. The Online Safety Bill would empower service providers with the task of defining content so they can target “hate speech.” This “hate speech” could include information that holds to account various forms of abuse, crimes, rights violations and medical malpractice. Service providers will be able to define information that is of “democratic importance” and can determine if information is “journalistic content” while eliminating any information that doesn’t fit their narrative of social and psychological control.

UK to prosecute “knowingly false communications” online

If this Orwellian dictate is made into law, any person could be charged with creating or sharing a “knowingly false communication.” The bill sets up a new crime called a “knowingly false communication offence” that can result in criminal charges and two years of jail time. This “offense” is broadly defined. It “will criminalise those who send or post a message they know to be false” with the intention to cause “emotional, psychological, or physical harm to the likely audience.”


For example, people who speak about the gain-of-function bioweapon research in China could face up to two years in prison. People who talk about covid-19 vaccine failures could be charged and jailed. Anyone who talks about hospitals refusing efficacious treatments to covid patients, could be targeted for “hate speech” and subjected to criminal prosecution. All of these topics are currently censored by content moderators and fact checkers, even though there are troves of information documenting these crimes against humanity. If this bill is made into law, governments could claim that “antivaxxers” are spreading false information that they know to be untrue. The antivaxxers could then be located and charged for committing a “knowingly false communication offense.”

The bill allows the government to redefine what is “indecent’ and what is “grossly offensive” by allowing for the censorship of any information that has a “harmful effect.” If the government finds a post or message to have a “harmful effect” they can remove the post or message and target the individual who sent it.

Rogue authorities are trying even harder to protect their power and cover up for their crimes against humanity

Information that was once deemed “hateful,” “harmful,” “misleading,” “dangerous” or “false” often turns out to be TRUE. Authorities are usually wrong on a vast majority of political and social issues because they only defend the narratives that protect their power and influence, not the truth. For instance, if a social media user posted about the cardiovascular dangers of covid-19 vaccines; that post could be removed and deemed “harmful to public health.” Months later, these vaccines were found to cause blood clots, myocarditis and pericarditis, permanently damaging people’s health. The powers that determine whether information is true or false can be wrong as many times as they need to be, but they are never reprimanded for spreading false, misleading or dangerous information that leads to people’s deaths. The Online Safety Bill empowers the elite with more power and allows them to target people who tell the truth.

This bill is a dystopian nightmare that plays on the word “safety” to give the public a false assurance that they are being protected from malicious actors. As this bill shows, the malicious actors are the ones subverting personal privacy, controlling the information and brainwashing the public. Now these “authorities” are the ones looking to prosecute people if they do not follow along with their wicked and deceitful narratives.

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