Colorado Safeway pharmacy manager QUITS over store intercom, says no more “poison” (covid vaccines) for customers

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Image: Colorado Safeway pharmacy manager QUITS over store intercom, says no more “poison” (covid vaccines) for customers

(Natural News) Safeway grocery store #1892 in Cortez, Colo., just lost its pharmacy manager because she no longer wants to administer “this poison,” referring to Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines,” to customers.

According to reports, Nichole Belland took to the store’s intercom to announce that she is leaving her position for good because she can no longer in good conscience continue jabbing people with these “Operation Warp Speed” abominations they are calling “vaccines.”

“This is Nichole Belland, pharmacy manager for Safeway store at 1892 of Cortez,” Belland was heard saying over the intercom to a store full of surprised shoppers.

“I quit, effective immediately, because I will not give this poison to people. Wake up, everybody. This is poison. This is hurting people. I’ve seen it. I’ve seen customers die. Wake up, do not take it.”

If it came down to it, would you quit your job rather than harm others with covid jabs?

Steve Kirsh, the executive director of the COVID-19 Early Treatment Fund (CETF), got the chance to talk with Belland about what prompted her to leave her job in the dramatic way that she did.

It turns out that Belland had not worked at Safeway for several months prior to coming on the loudspeaker to make her announcement. Almost immediately after she was told by her supervisor that she would need to jab people with the “Operation Warp Speed” drugs, she decided to quit.

Belland was told at the time that she would have no choice but to administer the shots on demand, or else be fired from her position. She instead decided to go on temporary personal leave, but that was set to expire on October 15.


“I had tremendous concerns about these shots early on,” Belland says.

Not seeing any other way to get her message across before being forced out of her job, Belland went in on October 14, took her certificates and degrees off the wall, and proceeded to use the intercom to reveal publicly why she was essentially being forced to quit.

Belland says that around 8-10 customers were in front of her at the time when she picked up the intercom microphone and began speaking the truth into it. She had no idea that this brave act would end up going viral, possibly inspiring others who feel similarly to do the same.

Like many, Belland says that she is not necessarily “anti-vaccine.” She is anti-experimental gene therapy, which is technically what covid shots are since they were not developed using the same technologies as existing vaccines.

Prior to quitting, Belland had administered “thousands” of other shots to patients at her pharmacy, where she worked for 12 years after graduating from the University of Minnesota. However, when covid injections came along, it was a different story.

You can watch the full video interview between Kirsh and Belland at Red Voice Media.

“Bravo! Good for her, I would do the same thing if I was in her shoes!” wrote a commenter at Red Voice Media. “No job is more important than your overall health!”

“No job or any action is more important than the realization that you may be directly responsible for the injury or even death of another,” responded another, clarifying the reason why Belland quit.

“Every time a nurse who sticks a needle in someone’s arm who becomes ill or deceased later, and when on learning of their loss, she intentionally continues – is committing a premeditated harmful act to another.”

As the vaccine mandates pile on, we can expect more incidents like this to occur. More of the latest can be found at

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