BIOWAR DOWN UNDER: Australia prepares to open borders in order to import Covid virus that will be spread by VACCINATED people, according to Queensland Premier… promises EVERYONE will be infected

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Image: BIOWAR DOWN UNDER: Australia prepares to open borders in order to import Covid virus that will be spread by VACCINATED people, according to Queensland Premier… promises EVERYONE will be infected

(Natural News) This just in: “We will be bringing in virus through the borders in vaccinated people,” declares the Premier of Queensland Jeannette Young. The vaccine tyrants are tired of waiting for all the informed citizens to accept the toxic gene therapy jabs, so now, time is up. No more waiting out the pandemic for Australians. The pandemic is being imported on purpose inside of humanoid hosts, also known as Covid-vaccinated, genetically modified sapiens (GMS). These psychotic politicians are outright admitting the insidious tool that’s used to carry and spread lab-made, gain-of-function deadly viruses.

The Premier of Victoria, Australia has also demanded that unvaccinated citizens be starved to death 

Every Victorian is going to get exposed to the virus and therefore must be fully vaccinated within the next few days, says Queensland’s premier dictator Daniel Andrews. “You won’t wait out the virus because the virus will be here for a long time.” You’re not going to “wait this out,” he warns the populace.

“Then we’re going to get into booster issues,” Andrews continues, saying then there will be booster doses and the issue will be “have you had your third?” So obviously Andrews has already been informed there will be at least THREE boosters for Covid, and it sounds like that’s just the very beginning of his new contrived rules of law.

It’s truly a vaccine, gene therapy tyranny going on in the land down under. Soon this will be coming to America, just as “police state” style as what’s taking place right now in Australia.


Happening now in Australia, with Queensland being the initial “breakthrough” forced-infection territory

“Breakthrough cases” doesn’t mean the unvaccinated infect the vaccinated, in fact, it’s just the other way around in Australia. The breakthrough cases in Australia are the Covid-vaccinated people used to infect the unvaccinated as punishment for denying the heart-straining clot shots that the government and medical industrial complex demand by starvation and now forced infection.

In case you are wondering, Queensland accounts for about 1/5th of all of the continent of Australia. Already put in place are digital IDs (vaccine passports) used to scan QR codes required for using public water fountains. Photographs are available of this. Plus, new plastic and glass ‘cabinets’ in supermarkets are being installed that will also require digital ID scanning to open.

Here are the rules for maintaining that “fully vaccinated” status. In order to acquire digital ID one must be “fully vaccinated” which means all required Covid jabs, including ongoing booster shots, which could soon be every season. In Australia, soon, anyone not “fully vaccinated” will be locked out of society, along with access to basic survival necessities.

Vaccinated super spreaders carrying Covid to be rushed into Australia in order to keep pandemic going forever

There is no better plan for tyranny than to make every citizen poor, sick and subservient by restricting movement, jobs and food purchasing to people proving they take blood-clotting gene therapy shots regularly.

Hitler put toxic fluoride in the water to keep the Jews weak during the Holocaust, so they couldn’t rebel, think straight or escape. In Australia, they’re infecting everyone with clot shots and Covid, as fast as they can, via biowarfare carried out by the vaccinated citizens themselves. Head politicians are on video saying they will be using vaccinated citizens to infect EVERYONE, but then of course they add in that vaccinated people have nothing to worry about. Really? Then why can’t vaccinated people take off their masks?

Did you know that people with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) can suffer an allergic reaction when in close proximity to Covid-vaccinated people? It’s true. One woman (also in the embedded video below) shares her issues with CIRS, including reactions to mold especially, poisons and toxins in just about anything and now exposure to Covid-vaccinated people who contain billions of toxic spike proteins. She humbly testifies that she does not feel this way around unvaccinated people. Her symptoms when she’s near vaccinated people in stores or even outside include coughs, headaches, brain fog, body ache, memory loss and an overwhelming burning sensation on her skin covering her whole body.

Tune your truth news dial to to stay informed of the engineered pitfalls of the Covid scamdemic. It doesn’t take a scientist or doctor to see that Covid vaccines, Remdesivir and ventilators are compounding the problems of the pandemic, creating a pandemic of their own.

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