Chaos coming to streets of Chicago as mayor won’t back off vaccine mandate and 3,200 cops refuse to take the jab

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Image: Chaos coming to streets of  Chicago as mayor won’t back off vaccine mandate and 3,200 cops refuse to take the jab

(Natural News) As bad as murder and violence is in parts of Chicago at present, things are about to get a lot worse across the entire city if Mayor Lori Lightfoot doesn’t stop playing the role of Democrat tyrant with her nonsensical COVID-19 vaccine mandate, especially when it comes to the Chicago Police Department.

That’s because thousands of CPD officers are in the process of either calling her bluff or forcing her to fire them after they have refused to get the jab. And firing them will mean she will instantly lose one-third of her force.

According to CBS Chicago:

The back and forth between the mayor and the Chicago police union continues, with the city sending out a flurry of emails and memos as its vaccine mandate enters its first full week in effect.

CBS 2’s Mugo Odigwe obtained the latest threatening memo sent out to officers.

According to the outlet, at least two memos have been issued since Friday’s deadline for all city employees to advise officials of their vaccine status. However, Fraternal Order of Police President John Catanzara said that thus far, thousands of cops had not done so.

“The unofficial number we have is about over 3,200; so about one third of the department,” Catanzara told the local outlet. He added that he believes the mandate is illegal because when Mayor Lori Lightfoot issued it, she and other city officials never negotiated terms with the police union.

He said that any CPD officer still refusing to report their status will be called in to discuss it with supervisors on Monday and asked once more to comply with the mandate.


“If they refuse, it sounds like they’re going to go into a no-pay status, effective immediately,” Catanzara said, adding that now, the tiff with the mayor isn’t about the vaccine or personal beliefs but one of collective bargaining rights with union officials.

“All of those things are a change in your employment policies. You have to negotiate with us what that looks like. The city has refused to do that,” Catanzara said.

The Chicago Tribune reported on Wednesday that the stand-off with Lightfoot was still in effect, with a union official now describing the situation as akin to “The Hunger Games.”

“A top Chicago police union official on Wednesday referred to the organization’s vaccine standoff with Mayor Lori Lightfoot as ‘The Hunger Games’ and warned younger officers that if they gave in on this, ‘What issue is next?'” the paper reported, adding:

The message from local Fraternal Order of Police First Vice President Michael Mette, in a video posted on social media, came as the Police Department slowly works through the process of dealing with the thousands of employees who did not report their vaccine status by Friday’s deadline. The city has been giving those employees counseling and a final chance to comply before placing those who refuse on no-pay status.

“Welcome to day three of ‘The Hunger Games,’ where we find out who the city is going to offer up as tribute,” Mette said, adding that members should “stand strong” because the city must negotiate with the union what a mandate will look like and consist of.

“If we fail to make them bargain with us on this issue, what issue is next?” he asked. “For all you young coppers out there, you got a long way to go and don’t think it can’t get worse.”

Earlier, Cook County Judge Cecilia Horan issued a restraining order against Catanzara instructing him not to tell his union members to forego the vaccine. On Wednesday, city attorney Michael Warner said the Lightfoot administration will seek to expand that order beyond its Monday deadline.

But if cops hold out and force Lightfoot to fire them, the city of Chicago will explode.

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