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Image: Melissa Red Pill discusses the Moderna vaccine and the damage it causes – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Melissa Red Pill discusses the damages caused by Moderna mRNA vaccine in “Freedom Force Battalion” on Brighteon.TV. She elaborated on the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine’s effects on the body during the Oct. 13 edition of her program. Alongside Dr. Laura Rosser of the Texas-based Prescribing Life clinic, Red Pill specifically tackles the Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) triggered by the two-dose shot.

Red Pill shows a video of 35-year-old Brittany Galvin, who experienced health issues after being injected with the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine. She initially records herself sticking metal objects such as coins and keys on her skin, finding it funny. Galvin experienced paralysis on May 22 – an experience that she says “changed her life in a matter of minutes.”

Galvin ends up staying in the hospital for 18 days. “I was diagnosed with [GBS], pericarditis, meningitis and many more complications – all as the result of the Moderna vaccine,” she says.

The Florida mother also laments that the doctors at the hospital where she was confined “treated her with such disrespect and disregard.”

Galvin joins the many individuals who have experienced different adverse reactions following injection of the Moderna vaccine. An Aug. 30 study by researchers from Qatar also outlined a 61-year-old man who developed GBS after getting the shot. The study published in Clinical Case Reports says the man developed GBS within four days of his second Moderna dose.

The Qatari researchers noted in their Aug. 30 study that the man received intravenous immunoglobulin therapy during his hospitalization. He was then discharged after continued improvement, and a subsequent follow-up determined that the man had recovered entirely.


“Neurological side effects can occur following COVID-19 vaccines with one of them being the development of GBS. The temporal relationship between COVID-19 vaccination and GBS development, in this case, was suggestive of a vaccine-induced cause,” the study authors write. (Related: Moderna representative ADMITS vaccine is experimental and everyone taking it is part of a clinical trial with unknown consequences.)

Moderna vaccine causes imbalance in body’s electrochemical signals

Rosser explains to Red Pill what GBS is all about. She defines GBS as “a degenerative disease that affects the nervous system.” The disease leads to extreme pain in different areas – and even paralysis in more serious cases.

She adds: “This is basically nerve damage in a big scale. And that’s what happens with conditions like GBS.”

Red Pill and Rosser also discuss Galvin’s ability to stick coins and other metal objects on her skin. Rosser attributes it to a “rare condition” that arises after injection with the vaccine. She explains: “That’s a very rare condition and it can occur in cases when there is an electromagnetic disbalance in your body. It happens because again, your nervous system and everything that is happening in your body happens through a current of electricity.” (Related: Leaked report reveals Moderna COVID vaccine caused 300,000 vaccine injuries in three-month time span, hidden from VAERS.)

The doctor from Prescribing Life elaborates: “Every signal that … our nerves send is sent through electrochemical signals. Those have different charges and at some point, if there is something external in this case, it can create a disbalance in your body to make it more reactive to substances. It would cause Galvin to attract metal objects in this case.”

According to Rosser, fixing the nerve damage caused by GBS can be fixed using neurotherapy. The treatment involves “working with the nervous system into reprogramming areas of pain to diminish it and help recover different areas.” She mentions that Galvin’s condition “is causing debility on her functionality, specifically on movement related to her muscles.”

Rosser says neurotherapy is a treatment for vaccine-induced damages. The treatment makes use of electrochemical signals to reprogram the damage, reducing inflammation and pain in the process. However, she notes two things: Every patient is different and it would take some time before normal functionality can return.

Watch the full Oct. 13 episode of “Freedom Force Battalion” with Melissa Red Pill at the video below. “Freedom Force Battalion” airs every Wednesday at 11 a.m.-12 p.m. on Brighteon.TV. has more articles about the serious adverse reactions caused by the Moderna vaccine.

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