Mother who managed to survive Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” warning that she sees the American left moving in the same direction

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Image: Mother who managed to survive Mao’s “Cultural Revolution” warning that she sees the American left moving in the same direction

(Natural News) We have often compared the American left to tyrants, authoritarians and, yes, even murderous regimes — but that’s not because we’re trying for ‘shock value’ or because we want an internet user to click on our stories.

We have made the comparison because it’s absolutely true.

Today’s Democrat Party is nothing like the Democrat Party of yesteryear when its politicians purported to care about, and stand up for, working-class Americans. No, today’s Democrats are more like Democrats back in the day when they were the party of slavery, the party of the Ku Klux Klan, the party of abortion’s origins, and the party of segregation. All of those policies and beliefs were authoritarian and tyrannical in nature, so in many ways, nothing has changed with the party.

Nowadays it is just out-and-out a den of illiberal Marxists, socialists and, yes, even Communists (Bernie Sanders isn’t a ‘socialist’ he’s an outright closet Commie and though he’s an ‘independent’ he caucuses with Democrats) and with all the tendencies of those political ideologies, and we’re not the only ones to notice, as reported by The Epoch Times:

The communist political movement that devastated China decades ago is unfolding in America, warned Xi Van Fleet, a parent-turned-activist who made national headlines after speaking out against critical race theory (CRT) at a school board meeting.

“When the Cultural Revolution started, I was a first grader,” the Virginia mother told EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.” She said that all classes ceased at schools and colleges as older students proclaimed themselves Mao Zedong’s Red Guards.


Emboldened by Mao’s slogan “To Rebel is Justified,” the Red Guards did not hesitate to instigate violence and destruction on everyone and everything they considered “counter-revolutionary.”

“With Mao’s approval, no one could stop them,” she continued, going on to recall a story that she heard in her youth from a person who saw Red Guards literally beat a man to death after he was deemed to be an “oppressor” and “exploiter” because he could withdraw a large sum from his bank. And those who did the killing did not face any legal consequences (with Democrats in charge, we are almost to that point already in many blue cities).

The Red Guards were also deployed to attack the “Four Olds” — “old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits” — which meant destroy China’s previous culture and downgrade or memory hole China’s prior history, the precursor to today’s “cancel culture.”

To do it, Red Guards would travel door-to-door in search of anything that was connected to the period prior to the Communist takeover of the country.

“I remember this whole street was just a mess of things destroyed, and the people, those homeowners, howling and crying,” she said, adding that she sees close similarities between what happened in her native country of China under Mao and what is going on now in her adopted country, America.

“One of the things that I noticed is people are afraid,” she said. “There is the right way to talk. There are the right ideas, and those who don’t share it feel like, if they tell their own opinion, they might run the risk of being considered racist—a word like China’s ‘counter-revolution.’”

Even the ideas behind words, like “racism,” have changed, she said.

“For the longest time, my understanding of racism is that someone who discriminates against someone else based on the race,” she said. “But in the last few years, it has changed its meaning. Anyone who kind of disagrees with the ideology from the left becomes a racist.”

What’s happened here in America is nothing new,” she continued. “It happened in China, it happened to me.”

“If we let it go, and not stopping it, [we] will have the same result. The result of the Cultural Revolution is the total destruction of the society, and that’s what awaits us if we don’t stop it.”

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