Johnson & Johnson employees don’t want kids to take their own company’s COVID-19 vaccine

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Image: Johnson & Johnson employees don’t want kids to take their own company’s COVID-19 vaccine

(Natural News) An investigation by Project Veritas has uncovered significant anti-vaccine sentiment inside big pharma company Johnson & Johnson. In the organization’s latest report, two of the company’s employees admitted that they believe children should not receive the company’s Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccines because of potential long-term effects.

The groundbreaking investigation by Project Veritas prominently features two Johnson & Johnson employees: Brandon Schadt, regional business lead, and Justin Durrant, a scientist. The organization’s reporter got the two individuals to talk freely about the company on two separate occasions. (Related: Johnson & Johnson expects global sales of $2.5 billion from coronavirus vaccines in 2021.)

J&J business lead believes vaccine’s long-term side effects need to be properly studied

During one part of the conversation, the Project Veritas reporter asked Schadt if it would be better to homeschool children or get them vaccinated against COVID-19 if the vaccines were mandated by the school.

“Honestly, I don’t think a kid needs to get it,” said Schadt. “It’s a kid, it’s a f—— kid, you know? They shouldn’t have to get a f—— vaccine, you know?”

“It’s just a kid who’s not developed yet,” he continued. Schadt explained that the data shows children and toddlers who get infected with COVID-19 recover very easily from the virus, which is why it isn’t necessary to force them to take experimental and deadly vaccines.


Schadt went on by talking about how the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine had not been tested to figure out its potential long-term effects.

“It’s a kid, you just don’t do that, you know? Not something that’s so unknown in terms of repercussions down the road, you know?” he said. “I mean, how could you – right – there’s nobody who’s 30 years in, who said, ‘Hey, I had the vaccine and I don’t have a third eyeball.'”

Schadt then talked about his deep distrust for mainstream media outlets who talk about the coronavirus vaccines.

“I shouldn’t trust the media?” asked the Project Veritas reporter.

“No, why should we?” replied Schadt. “Why the hell should we? Hell no, no chance … In no capacity should we trust anything that the media says.”

J&J scientist believes kids being unvaccinated doesn’t “make that much of a difference”

In a separate conversation, Johnson & Johnson scientist Durrant raised the same concerns as Schadt regarding his company’s COVID-19 vaccine. In particular, he believes children should not be forced to take it.

“You really don’t need to vaccinate a baby,” he said. “It wouldn’t make that much of a difference.”

Durrant then went on to talk about how the vaccine mandates are making life very difficult for people who are reasonably skeptical of big pharma and their rushed, experimental and deadly COVID-19 vaccines.

“Inconvenience to the point where it’s like, ‘I might as well just f—— do it,’ you know what I’m saying?” said Durrant to the Project Veritas reporter. “Like, ‘I can’t go out of state,’ ‘My grandma’s in Canada and I can’t visit her,’ you know what I’m saying?”

“You can’t go to France unless you’re vaccinated. You know you’ve just got to keep doing things like that where you’re almost like a second-[class] citizen if you’re not vaccinated, but I know that’s awful.”

Despite his opposition to forcibly vaccinating children, Durrant is in favor of coercing adults to take the vaccines through vaccine mandates that threaten their employment. He believes keeping people from being gainfully employed is a sufficient threat.

“Only way people really act and comply is if it affects their pockets, like if you’re working for a big company and you’re going to lose your job, best believe you’ll be the first one in line [to get vaccinated],” he said.

When the Project Veritas reporter asked Durrant what COVID-19 vaccine they should get, he said: “Don’t get the Johnson & Johnson. I didn’t tell you though.”

Durrant chose not to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. He said he looked at the data and it showed that its supposed effectiveness has not been sufficiently demonstrated. He instead opted to get vaccinated with the Moderna vaccine.

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