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Image: RESISTANCE CHICKS: Michelle and Leah Svensson discuss the implications of the FDA rejecting Pfizer booster shots – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Headline News: The Resistance Chicks talks about the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) denying the use of booster shots, Biden’s Afghanistan strikes and more.

Real-life sisters Michelle and Leah Svensson talk about the FDA panel rejecting Pfizer booster shots for the general public. The panel pared back the plans and recommended the third shots to people aged 65 years and older and other vulnerable populations.

Dr. Ofer Levy, a vaccine and infectious disease specialist at Boston Children’s Hospital, said: “It’s likely beneficial, in my opinion, for the elderly, and may eventually be indicated for the general population. I just don’t think we’re there yet in terms of the data.”

The panel voted 16-2 against distributing booster vaccines to Americans 16 years and older. It eventually unanimously voted for an alternate plan to give boosters to older Americans and those at risk of suffering from severe illnesses, which included people with diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and other comorbidities.

This decision by the FDA’s Vaccines and Related Biological Products Advisory Committee comes just days before the Biden administration is set to begin offering booster shots to the general public, pending authorization from U.S. health regulators. (Related: Even the WHO says booster shots are unnecessary, but Biden’s White House prefers to listen to Big Pharma: BOOSTER covid shots coming to the USA.)

Committee members also previously said that they were concerned that there wasn’t enough data to make recommendations, while others said that third shots should be limited to certain groups. Another concern is the possibility of myocarditis in younger people.


Phil Krause, an FDA vaccine regulator, was critical of the findings presented to the FDA, saying that much of the data had not been reviewed by the agency, nor were they peer-reviewed. He shared that models used in the research were complex, and scientists have to ensure that it is giving the correct results. “That’s part of the difficulty at looking at this kind of data without having the chance for FDA to review it,” he said.

Pentagon drone attack kills 10 civilians

The sisters also discuss how the Biden Administration “mistakenly” killed 10 civilians — seven of which are children, during Afghanistan exists in the last month.

On August 29, a U.S. missile blew up a car that the Pentagon had been following as the evacuations neared their end. General Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, called it a “righteous strike.” Biden, meanwhile, mentioned these drone strikes as evidence that the U.S. was hitting back against ISIS-K for its suicide bomber killing 13 Americans.

But reports suggest that the attack on the white Toyota Corolla may have been a terrible mistake. Instead, it killed Zemari Ahmadi, a longtime employee of the U.S. nonprofit Nutrition and Education International. Ahmadi had wanted to emigrate to the U.S.

Media accounts are also compelling in their detail that Ahmadi wasn’t collecting explosives. Instead, he was seen loading water into the car to bring home because the water in his neighborhood stopped since the Taliban takeover. He also stopped at the nonprofit’s office, and not at an ISIS safe house. The missile that killed him exploded in a crowded neighborhood that killed others — including seven children who approached the car when it backed into a courtyard.

What makes the attack troubling is that the Biden administration says it wanted to show that it was taking action to protect Americans after the airport deaths. Biden promised revenge, and the Pentagon followed with a strike on two ISIS plotters outside Kabul, whose names still haven’t been released.

It is also unusual that the Pentagon is maintaining that it is still investigating the botched execution of the attacks. Unfortunately, this mistake has added to the sense of incompetence of the Biden administration and its lack of concern for Afghan allies.

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