CDC guidance for Chickenpox virus says if you contracted it already then NO NEED to get vaccinated… so why not with COVID?

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Image: CDC guidance for Chickenpox virus says if you contracted it already then NO NEED to get vaccinated… so why not with COVID?

(Natural News) With the risk of serious adverse events being so high from the experimental Covid vaccines, it would not be wise for people to get the China Flu jabs after they already caught Covid and have natural immunity against it. Not to mention the fact that the China Flu inoculations wipe out any anti-Covid, naturally-made antibodies themselves, and provide little-to-no protection against catching or spreading Covid, as the science has revealed. The CDC’s current guidance for the “highly contagious” Chickenpox may surprise all the Covid-phobic Americans who do anything the CDC tells them to do. For those who have caught Chickenpox ever before in their life, the CDC tells them not to bother getting the vaccine.

It’s spelled out in clear language: “CDC recommends two doses of chickenpox vaccine for children, adolescents, and adults who have never had chickenpox.” So if you’ve had the virus, you’re good to go, in other words. No vaccine recommended or even needed at all.

Toxic spike protein injections required even if you caught Covid already and now have natural immune defense

So then what about the Covid virus? Will the CDC delete this advice on Chickenpox once they read this? Americans are being told to get vaccinated NO MATTER WHAT right now, or lose your job, your freedom to travel, and soon the ability to buy food. There’s no mention of natural immunity. There are no exemptions, besides religious and medical (which are almost impossible to get because it’s almost impossible to find an MD who will sign one).


Millions of Americans have already caught Covid, beat it, some easily, and don’t want or need toxic spike protein injections. Tens of millions of Americans already have the best kind of immunity to Covid they could “acquire” and it’s not from toxic jabs made in the same laboratories as the genetically-mutated China Flu.

Military members who have natural immunity against Covid-19 suing Defense Department over mandatory toxic jabs

By now, Americans should know better than to take the advice of the CDC, but when so-called medical advice becomes mandated, that’s where people must draw the line. Used to be that parents of young children would take their children to neighbor’s homes where kids currently had the Chickenpox, just to let them catch it, beat it and have natural immunity against it later in life.

That’s because most children, teens and young adults have strong immune systems naturally (if they don’t ruin them with toxic food, chemical medicine and hoax vaccines). Once you catch Chickenpox or Covid, there’s definitely no reason whatsoever to get a vaccine for them, and people are “up in arms” about the whole ‘mandatory vaccination’ fiasco.

Resident Biden ordered all military personnel to get stabbed with billions of toxic spike proteins or face dishonorable discharge, including anyone who already caught Covid and has natural immunity against it. Go figure. This is unlawful what the US government and vaccine industrial complex are requiring of service members, and there should be consequences for their tyrannical actions. About a quarter-million military members and personnel already caught and beat Covid, most rather easily, so why take the high risk of getting blood clots and myocarditis from the Fauci shots?

Military members are bringing lawsuits against the US Secretary of Defense, who claims the only way to get “full immunity” against Covid is with a deadly jab, or two or three. These crazy vaccine fanatics will say anything to enforce the jabs (they don’t take themselves) and they don’t back up anything they claim with any science or research. There is no vaccine that provides 100 percent immunity, and certainly not the Covid jabs. The only thing even close to full immunity is infection survival.

In fact, new research conducted in Israel proves that natural immunity ranks better than the artificial, vaccine-induced kind for Covid-19 by 13 times. That’s science, not some talking head making up rules and rhetoric about the blood clot shots. This was the largest real-world analysis conducted to date to find the difference in strength between natural immunity and vaccine-forced immunity for Covid-19. So the question remains: If you beat Covid already, like Chickenpox, shouldn’t you be exempt from all vaccine mandates?

The sad truth is that nobody should ever be ‘mandated’ to take a vaccine. Here’s a medical doctor explaining more about the correlation and the contradictions made by the CDC:

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