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Image: Dr. Stella Immanuel reveals globalist cabal’s evil plan for humanity – Brighteon.TV

(Natural News) Texas-based physician Dr. Stella Immanuel warned viewers about the globalist cabal’s evil plan for humanity. She issued this warning during the Sept. 8 edition of The Dr. Stella Immanuel Show on Brighteon.tv. According to the doctor, hospitals refusing to treat Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients with proper drugs was only a small part of this bigger plan.

Immanuel opened her show by mentioning the discrimination experienced by unvaccinated Americans who sought medical treatment. She said some hospitals turned away COVID-19 patients who had not received the COVID-19 vaccine. “People think it’s horrible, evil [and] discriminatory – [but] it’s actually more than just discriminatory,” Immanuel added.

Her thoughts on hospitals turning away unvaccinated patients came as comments from a Mayo Clinic cardiologist about unvaccinated patients surfaced. Dr. Courtney Bennett wrote in a Facebook post: “[We] live in a society of self-centered people who get their medical advice from sources like YouTube of [One America News] yet beg us to help them [breathe] using technology developed by actual science when they’re blue and gasping for air.” She ended her post by telling unvaccinated patients to stop burdening hospitals as a result of their purported ignorance.

“What human being would say ‘I refuse medical treatment to people begging for treatment and [will] just watch them until they are so sick until they need to be intubated?’,” Immanuel asked.

Immanuel also pointed out that Bennett and other “sociopaths” were rife not just in the hospital system but in other areas as well. “How can this many people be evil? We usually say that wherever there are people, there are sociopaths that would not mind people being destroyed,” she asked.


The physician also slammed the medical system pushing for vaccination instead of promoting natural immunity that is more robust and long lasting. Immanuel asked: “What science tells you that if you have … natural antibodies from getting the [wild-type] virus, the vaccination antibodies [are going to] be better? What science tells you that natural antibodies are not good enough [and] you need some modification to get immunity?” (Related: FDA says natural immunity against covid doesn’t exist, discounts the entire existence of antibodies.)

Immanuel warns of the “creatures” seeking to undermine humanity

A day before her Brighteon.tv show aired on Sept. 8, Immanuel made an appearance on The Alex Jones Show to talk about the globalists’ demonic designs. She told host and InfoWars founder Alex Jones that the globalist cabal aims to replace humanity with clones – which will serve as mere husks for demonic spirits – using science and technology. (Related: How the ‘woke’ globalist cult is trying to reprogram Americans into unthinking bots.)

“[The globalists] are telling them: ‘Don’t worry if you die, we’re [going to] clone you … and bring back your brain from the internet of things and put in on [that cloned body], then you’re [going to] live forever’,” Immanuel said. She continued: “That is not [going to] give them eternal life, they’re [going to] die and go to hell. They’ll clone them, alright – but what’s … inside them is a demonic spirit. And when these clones go around, these demonic spirits inside them … are so bloodthirsty because they need … flesh and blood to live.”

During her Sept. 7 interview with Jones, she also said that the forces behind the world’s depopulation were not human at all. “[The] people [that] we are dealing with are not human. I’m going to say this clearly. They are not human, they are blood drinkers,” Immanuel later said. Furthermore, she added that the push to vaccinate the world was the work of “the enemy trying to make sure they corrupt the whole of humanity.”

Immanuel lamented how people dismissed these nefarious plans by the globalists. She said: “Everyone has always called it a conspiracy theory when people bring up the fact that children are missing, people are drinking blood and all kinds of stuff.” The doctor even shared the story of a woman who called the program and talked about the book “He Came To Set The Captives Free” by Rebecca Julia Brown.

“[The woman who called in] really dug deep into the spiritual things that are happening in America – the occultism, witchcraft and Satanism – and people thought she was crazy. A lot of people just kind of pushed [her] away. Not only did they do that, they ridiculed her,” Immanuel shared.

She remarked: “We’ve heard about Agenda 21 … [and] the Great Reset, just about a whole lot of these things. [Even] though we hear [them], somehow [they do not] penetrate [into] our minds.” Immanuel added that many “would be practically stopping in their tracks not knowing what to do if they start thinking about the extent of the evil humanity is facing.

The physician ultimately called on people to be ready, saying: “I want you to hear me clearly and realize: We’re not just in a physical … and spiritual battle. [The] church has to be able to stand and fight, people who … believe in God have to stand up and fight or be able to take a stand on this. If we don’t take a stand, we’re [going to] perish.”

DemonicTimes.com has more about the nefarious plans of the globalist cabal to exterminate humanity.

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