Are covid vaccines part of the mark of the beast system?

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Image: Are covid vaccines part of the mark of the beast system?

(Natural News) Remember when the government promised that it would take just two weeks of tyranny to “flatten the curve,” only to instead have it persist in perpetuity for the rest of the foreseeable future? This writer sure does.

What was supposed to just be a temporary inconvenience to help “save lives” has become a permanent albatross of dehumanization and soon slaughter as the goats of this world line themselves up for injection after injection, with no end in sight.

If you refuse to wear a mask, then you are killing grandma. If you refuse to get “vaccinated,” then you only care about yourself and need to be punished as a second-class citizen. If you do anything to try to live a normal life outside the bounds of government guidelines, then you deserve to be exterminated, is where all of this is headed.

None of this was ever really about saving lives, of course. It is plain to see that those who orchestrated this psychological campaign of mass genocide could not care less about your life or anyone else’s, and are actually seeking to destroy it at “warp speed.”

Only the dullest of minds could ever possibly think otherwise, based on all that is transpiring day after day in this dystopian nightmare called life in 2021. Twenty-twenty was bad enough, and soon the world will have to contend with 2022 and whatever that should bring to the table.

Are covid “vaccines” the first piece of the mark of the beast?

The writing is already on the wall for mandatory injection policies as the nation’s more “progressive” areas gradually adopt “vaccine passport” protocols designed to ostracize those who refuse to get the jab.


It begins with non-essentials like restaurants and sporting events – things people can live without, even if life becomes a whole lot less exciting in the process. Eventually, necessities like groceries and employment become condition-based on one’s jab status.

Yet, many seem to recall certain passages from the Bible that foretold about this time. There will come a day, the passages read, when in order to buy and sell, one must take a “mark.” Without that mark, you can kiss your life and freedom goodbye.

We are already witnessing the early stages of this prophecy come to fulfillment. The things people do (the right hand) and think (the forehead) are rapidly becoming conditional upon obeying the government’s orders, in this case with a questionable injection that we know permanently alters one’s DNA, or “God imprint.”

Some would argue that this injection is not yet the mark, but consider the fact that ‘science’ has become the world’s new and only accepted religion, with covid vaccines as its sacrament.

The beast system that is pushing these injections, meanwhile, demands that you give it the utmost worth (worship) to the point that you lay down your life (change your DNA) as a sacrifice to show that you are an adherent.

Whoever refuses to worship this beast system by rolling up their sleeve is quickly becoming an outcast, or someone who has “come out from among her” rather than convert.

While there are certainly more pieces to come as far as this mark is concerned, the injections are laying the groundwork for them. You might even call it an operating system upon which later software “upgrades” will be injected, aka the “booster” shots.

Consider all this before simply discounting the idea because your favorite preacher or news source says otherwise. There are no second chances when it comes to this stuff, so you had better be sure you are not mistaken.

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